It settled down nicely between the cold fronts for us to finally make it to the beach. We packed lunches and parked the dinghies at Long Island Breeze to explore the beaches on the eastern shore of the island. It’s a short walk over the hill to the beach where we found the perfect setting for a picnic atop some large rocks.

Beach Lunch


Atlantic Beach - Long Island

I love walking on the beach looking for “treasures.” I found a lovely sea purse that day and added it to my collection of sea beans.

Clockwise from the largest bean are a heart bean, sea purse and 2 hamburger beans. I’m also doing much better this year with my sea glass collection. I found a lot of glass in the Abacos and I manage to pick up a few bits each visit to the beach. Some pieces aren’t very polished and I may discard them. At least I’m collecting some trash off the beaches!

I’m not collecting very many shells as I prefer to leave them by the sea. I have found a few nice ones that I kept. I like the ones with holes in the center. I also found some small pottery shards on Cat Island. They look old–not sure where they came from…

I’m on the lookout for traceable trash on the beach (anything with a number that can be traced to its source). I found one buoy that had a number engraved on it.

We’ve been on the boat for 2 days waiting for the wind and seas to calm down. Tuesday night was especially grim with strong winds and waves making the bow swirl, the boom and lines squeak and the stern slap into the water. I had the worst time trying to sleep. It’s a challenge to find things to do when I can’t get off the boat. Let’s see, I read a lot, do crosswords and Sudoku and I work on my hand-sewing project when it’s not too bouncy. I polished the metal parts on deck yesterday. If I had free use of water, I could do a lot more cleaning…

We watched a few movies–nothing great. We finished watching the Prime Suspect series. It was excellent–I highly recommend it.

It calmed down a little this morning so we launched the dinghy and took Bailey ashore for a run. He’s a good sport when we’re stuck on the boat but I feel really bad when he doesn’t get to run (other than his nightly flashlight chasing fix–not sure how much our guests will appreciate that ritual!)

We got a nice surprise this afternoon (Thursday) when Julie from Seaquel hailed us on the radio. They sailed over from Georgetown and were anchored near Long Island Breeze. We made plans to meet tomorrow for lunch (which is probably when this blog post will get published.)