We’re still in the south anchorage on Warderick Wells. It’s just one strong cold front after another with very little break in between. Sunday was relatively calm so while the guys worked on repairing the hole in Joe’s dinghy Angie and I took a nice hike along the shoreline. It’s mostly rocks and sand with little nooks to explore. I have some nice pictures that I hope I can upload soon. Dinner on Lady of Lorien was a delicious pork roast followed by a movie. We’re trying to educate Joe. Apparently, he missed out on a lot of movies we consider ‘mandatory viewing’. A few weeks ago, we introduced him to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This time, we watched Stop Making Sense. There are a lot more films he needs to see to complete his education.

I served a grilled dinner of buffalo sausage with dirty rice. Afterwards, we watched a Lewis Black concert. I don’t think our English friends liked the American humor so much but we did.

Monday was even calmer. We all went ashore and did the same hike along the shoreline. This time, we even saw a snake! He was sunning himself on the rocks and took no notice of us! We rode the dinghies around the anchorage and explored the various surrounding islands. There’s a spectacular blow hole that we can see from a distance but the water was a little too rough to get closer. On the way back, our outboard made a horrible choking sound and died. Oh no, here we go again…

Skip and Mike spent all day Tuesday taking the motor apart and cleaning the carburetor. We had lifted the motor into the cockpit and tied it to the pedestal. The first time we put it back on there was gasoline leaking so up it went again. After launching it again, it ran okay for a while so Skip went out for a sea trial. It still wasn’t running great and wouldn’t start when we were headed to Onward for dinner. All the mechanics are working fine. Right before the motor died we started getting small electric shocks when touching the handle. Mike thinks it’s an electrical problem which is something we’re not equipped to diagnose or fix.

So now we’re down to one working dinghy—and that one only holds 2 people—not a good situation! This morning Joe helped Skip make some calls where he found a Yamaha distributer in Nassau that can ship a new outboard to Staniel Cay. The prices here are good—even better than in the US. We’ll work out the details through email and, hopefully, we’ll have a new outboard by next Wednesday when the mail boat arrives. If that doesn’t work out, we’ll send one to our friends Rick and Eva so they can put it in their duffel and bring it down next month;-)

Exuma Park said they’d be grateful for the donation of our defunct motor—they have people who can work on it. Joe is very discouraged because the patch didn’t stick to his dinghy. They’re going to work on it again tomorrow when the wind is calmer. In the meantime, we put his (working) motor on our (working) dinghy so at least we have 2 useable dinghies between the 3 boats. Ah, the joy of cruising—fixing your boats in exotic places!

Well, that’s our current saga. In the meantime, we’re hanging out in one of the most beautiful places in the Exumas. Can’t complain about that! We’ll be here until at least Sunday. Another weather system is coming on Saturday that our weather guru Chris Parker says he’s never seen. Normally we get cold fronts generated by low pressure systems coming across the US. On Saturday, the low pressure system itself is going to cross the Bahamas. CP says that he can’t even predict what the wind will do other than it will be strong. All I can say is that I’m glad we’re in a safe place. Listening to the radio, everyone is scrambling to find a place to weather the storm. We just staying put until it’s safe to move on. We’re mostly out of fresh veggies and fruit but still have plenty of food. I baked some bread today (beer bread!) Mike and Angie are giving us water and we have plenty of fuel. Our sheets and towels may get a little funky but we’ll survive!