We left Exuma Park on Tuesday after a couple of windy, bouncy nights–not good sleeping weather! After a short motor-sailing trip (mostly to charge our batteries) we arrived in Staniel Cay. Getting to the fuel dock is always an adventure. They have a short fuel hose that doesn’t reach very far down the dock so we had to wait for Lady of Lorien to finish up and leave before we could tie up. It was great to get rid of trash and fill up with water, diesel and gasoline! Leaving was difficult as the wind was holding us against the dock and we had to swing around a large luxury yacht (wouldn’t want to hit that!) We had several people on the dock help push us off including the dock master –what he can do with only one arm is amazing!

We anchored just off of Thunder ball Grotto (where we were when we picked Alan up last year.) There’s a strong current and a very light surge so it’s not too bad with northerly/easterly winds. Joe anchored near Big Majors because it was low tide and he didn’t think he could get closer. He came by and picked us up for a well-anticipated lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Joe has a web page where he highlights services for cruisers in the Bahamas. He also keeps track of Skip’s ratings for cheeseburgers. Last year, the SCYC had the highest rated cheeseburger. We needed to make sure that they still deserved a high rating. I desperately needed a beer after our docking adventures. An ice-cold Kalik was just the thing! The cheeseburgers were as good as last time (once they brought us the bacon that was forgotten.)

After lunch we took a stroll around the island. The mail boat doesn’t come until Wednesday so the stores were pretty empty of fresh food. We waited until mid-morning on Wednesday to go ashore again for food shopping. The shelves were well-stocked with fresh vegetables and fruit. I stocked up on oranges to make more cranberry-orange scones–they were delicious! None of the 3 little groceries had bananas but we found some at the bake shop. She sold us a ‘hand’ of bananas right off the stalk. They’re still pretty green and I hope they ripen okay.

We left our fellow cruisers on Naiad in Staniel Cay. They needed to work on some boat problems. Maybe we’ll see them further down the road.

We had a lovely sail down to Black Point. With just our 100% headsail out, we were flying! Our wind gauge is acting up again so we had no idea what the wind speed was–Angie said it averaged around 15 knots. The anchorage at Black Point was quite full. We moseyed in and found a nice spot. Bailey was anxious to go ashore as he hadn’t been off the boat in several days. I was anxious to visit the laundry–fresh sheets would be soooo nice. We picked Angie up and headed over to the laundry (best in the Bahamas!) I got a nice welcome and hug from Ida who remembered us from last year. Late afternoon is a great time to visit the Laundromat–there was no one there. We usually head over first thing in the morning and it’s dog-eat-dog amongst the cruisers. Think I’ll wait until the afternoon in the future…

It was a wet dinghy ride back to the boat. Angie and I huddled under my poncho while Skip got soaking wet (sans poncho.) The poncho is working out really well as protection from the waves in the dinghy.

We had dinner last night on Lady of Lorien. Mike couldn’t get the gas grill to light in the wind so Angie broiled our last lobster tails. Mike made quite strong ‘random rum’ drinks. I fell asleep during the show after dinner. I couldn’t understand it anyway. They were talking with very heavy Glasgow accents–might as well have been a foreign language! Mike eventually turned the subtitles on which helped a little!

Today in Black Point, we’ll check out Lorraine’s and use the wifi. Later, I’ll finish up the laundry. Not sure where we’ll head next…maybe back north to Cambridge Cay or southeast to Long Island.

Here’s a nice shot of Moondance flying our spinnaker (courtesy of Mike.)