Last night was very windy but it’s calmed down a bit this morning.  We’re hoping to leave the park tomorrow and head to Staniel Cay/Black Point for fuel, groceries and water.  Although we’ve conserved our water usage and were grateful to get about 15 gallons from Lady of Lorien, one of our (2) water tanks is empty so it’s time to top off the tanks.  We also ran out of dinghy fuel (gas) and got a gallon from LOL.

I went on an extra long hike with Mike, Angie and Joe a few days ago.  We hiked across the island and down the beach on the Exuma Sound side.  The trails are mostly very rough limestone rock.  You really can’t take your eyes off of your feet without risking a serious stumble.   It was very hot when we were out of the wind.  Joe’s back was bothering him so he called Skip from the beach and requested a rescue mission.  Skip and Bailey came by dinghy to pick him up.  I continued on and was thoroughly tired out by the time we got back.

Saturday afternoon we went for a swim off Paradise beach.  It’s very beautiful and calm there–the water is just waist-high a long way off the beach.  Skip, Joe and I were floating around having a good time while watching a large black cloud approach.  As we were speculating on the possibility of rain, it started to sprinkle.  Before leaving the beach, I heard a loud rustling in the trees and spotted a large iguana moving about.  He was very impressive!  When we told Andrew about seeing the iguana, he said that it’s a secret–there aren’t really any iguanas here.  The Park wants to keep up the natural habitat for iguanas.  Apparently, once people know they’re around, they start feeding them and affect their natural behavior.  So, don’t tell anyone!!

Our big project last week was to finish our sign for Boo Boo Hill.  It’s a tradition here to find a piece of driftwood and make a sign with your boat name and place it on the pile at the top of Boo Boo Hill.  We found a long piece of driftwood when we went snorkeling last week.  It was long enough for all three boat names in our flotilla.  I did the lettering and Skip carved them using the router attachment on the dremel tool.  Mike mixed up some colored epoxy and he and I painted in the letters.  We were very pleased with the results!

carving our sign

Yesterday morning, we hiked up to Boo Boo Hill for the ‘placement ceremony’.  Joe brought along a small bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion.  Brian and Daniel (Naiad) also placed their sign on the hill.

Placing our sign on Boo Boo Hill


View from Boo Boo Hill


Our sign

On Saturday night we joined the other cruisers for the weekly sundowner party and bonfire on the beach.  It’s a great opportunity to meet cruisers.  The Exuma Park staff also attends and we enjoy talking to them.  We met a young couple who were crewing on a large sailboat.  They talked about their adventures bicycling across the US and down the east coast.  They plan to hitch rides on boats and make it to South America.  They eventually want to travel all the way up the west coast of South and North America to Alaska!  They said they were enjoying their cruising adventures so far and had no idea that all these ‘old people’ were having so much fun.  Wait a minute…am I one of those ‘old people”–surely not!!!