The past few days were calm and sunny.  The water was like glass.  We dinghied over the small reef near our boat and could clearly see all of the fish (including a nurse shark).  We also saw one of the ‘local’s–a large (about 4 ft) barracuda named Bubba.  He lumbered slowly under our boat–not a care in the world!


I took Bailey to ‘his’ beach a few days ago and had trouble getting the outboard motor (AKA spawn of the devil) to run.  I got out the oars and was rowing back to the boat (shouting some harsh words at the motor) when Mike came and rescued me.  Skip and Mike worked on the outboard and now it’s purring.  What a relief to have a reliable motor again!

While they were working on the outboard, I defrosted the icebox.  When I went to turn it back on, it wouldn’t start.  Mike found a loose wire and got it started again.  What a day for boat problems!!

We went around the island next to our anchorage to a ‘private’ beach for a picnic and swimming.

Picnic on the beach

Yesterday, the water was flat so we headed out to the small beach a little ways away from the anchorage for snorkeling and lunch.  It’s a beautiful spot that we discovered last year.  The rocks are eroded by the constant wash of water and you can hear the whoosh of water surging underneath in  little caverns.  I tried out my new shorty wetsuit and it worked great.  The reef was busy with fish and colorful coral. 



Picnic on Snorkeling beach

We’re planning to stay in Exuma Park until early next week when we’ll head further south.  I only have wifi every few days as it’s expensive and they only allow you 100 mgs before you’re cut off.  Check out additional pictures on my Flickr site.  I also added a new page to my blog that contains a list of books I’ve read.