One of our favorite meals in the Abacos was Bahamian Souse at the Art Cafe on Great Guana Cay.  I looked up some recipes and made it the other night.  It’s basically a chicken soup with potatoes and seasoned with allspice berries, lime juice and hot pepper flakes.  It’s served with grits.  Since I’m an old hand at making chicken soup, it was pretty easy…

Bahamian Chicken Souse served with grits


The chef enjoying her meal

We had a little windy/stormy weather on Saturday.  Bailey was looking so wistfully at the beach so I attempted to take him for a run.  I thought the wind has subsided a bit but the real problem I had was negotiating the shallow water to get to the beach.  After a few runs, I looked over and saw a rainstorm approaching.  We made it back to the boat just in time!

Warderick Wells has many trails and beaches to explore.  Yesterday, we dinghied to the southern end of the island and hiked over the hills to the Pirate’s Lair–a hidden clearing near the southern anchorage.  It was a favorite spot for pirates in the 1700-1800’s to hide out and await ships to plunder.  I was excited to see my first hutia (in fact, we saw 3 of them!)  The hutia is a small mammal that looks like a cross between a bunny and a rat.  They are an endangered species and nocturnal.  I thought they were really cute!

Shy hutia

 This is the beach where we landed our dinghies.  The surrounding water looks like a giant swimming pool.

Southern Warderick Wells beach

 We saw many baby conch in the shallow waters.  The 2 little black protrusions are its eyes!

Baby conch

 The water off the beach near Pirate’s Lair is a unique shade of blue.

The beach at Pirate's Lair

 Today (Monday) the weather is nice and settled.  Maybe swimming or snorkeling later…