This is one of our favorite breakfast places on Great Guana Cay.  The owner, Juliette, does a great job serving up breakfast sandwiches on Bahamian bread and delicious cinnamon buns.  We took Bailey once and tied him up on the porch.  He didn’t like it too much and chewed through his leash to get free—baaad dog! 

Art Cafe


 We have a perfect view of the sunset from our dock.  The small rock jetty protects us from waves on the Sea of Abaco (not so much at high tide or with strong SW winds) 

Sunset on Great Guana Cay


 We’ve made good use of the barbecue grill at the end of our dock.  On a calm, somewhat chilly night we were joined by new friends Cathy and Jeff (Gemini) and Patricia and James (Mojito).  The only person missing is Daniel–he took the picture! 

Cookout on the dock


The other day some fishermen came by the dock and sold us freshly caught lobster (they call them crawfish here.)  We grilled them with butter and lemon–yum!  I sautéed some plantains and Skip made his ‘famous’ banana pudding.  

Banana Pudding

Yesterday (Saturday) was windy, cold and rainy.  When the rain started, I got out and did a quick scrub of the deck (free water!)  As it got colder, we just stayed below with the heater running.  In the evening, we met Mike, Angie and Joe at the Orchid Bay restaurant for dinner.  We celebrated Joe’s birthday with Goombay Smashes (I had 1 too many) and their dinner specials – steak and ribs.  

The rain finally let up and now it’s just wind.  We’re optimistic about leaving later tomorrow when the wind calms down and heading to the south end of the Abacos.  If it all works out, my next post may be from the Exumas!