It’s chilly and windy today! The boat was rocking and rolling all night with the wind blowing 20-25 knots. Some nice folks on a boat across from us gave us an extra heater. Turning a heater on in the Bahamas is just WRONG!

After a nice beach walk on Sunday we stopped at Nipper’s for a little refreshment. After one frozen Nipper I was no good for the rest of the day. They really make them strong! For dinner, we did another cookout on the dock but decided to eat indoors as it was rather chilly. Mike and Angie hosted us on Lady of Lorien. Angie cooked some vegetables that caused Skip to say something I’ve never heard before…”This broccoli is really good” (If you put enough cheese on anything, he’ll like it!)

I spent most of yesterday on Joe’s boat helping him make a burgee (flag) to fly. He wanted a large one that would help him spot his boat in an anchorage. After tossing around ideas and settling on the design, I had fun sewing it. He has a Sailrite machine that cooperated for the most part (after a little oiling and TLC.) It got me out of Skip’s way for the day as he working on scraping and sanding some inside trim that we wanted to varnish (I hate that scraping noise.)  As a ‘thank you’ he cooked us a delicious pasta dinner.

Finished Burgee for Onward

We had to get off the boat today and went for a long walk around the Orchid Bay development. They’re really done a nice job here. The property is beautifully maintained and landscaped. We also discovered a beach pavilion nearby.

This posting is an experiment with blogging via email. I may change it after it’s posted…I just wanted to see how it works.