We’re still at Great Guana Cay…the weather didn’t calm down as promised.  In fact, it was windy and chilly the past few days.  We’re thankful to be in a nice spot that is well-protected from the wind and seas!

Brian and Daniel getting a chart talk from Mike

 A sleek ‘James Bond’ looking motor yacht fueled up at the marina and drained their tanks.  The next day a tug pushes a barge in with a fuel tanker on top to refuel the marina!


We spent New Year’s Eve with our friends from Lady of Lorien and Onward.  After a barbecued meal on the dock we played Farkle until a die rolled off the table and slipped through the crack into the water.  (The next day Mike went wading and found it!)  We could see the fireworks from the nearby resorts and thought about heading over to Nipper’s but the noise from the crowd (even from far away) was enough to deter us.  It was much better just having fun with good friends.

Bailey took another beach walk with us on Friday morning.  I think he knows the word ‘beach’ now (along with ‘flashlight’ and ‘F.L.’!)  The winds picked up on Friday afternoon so we checked all of our lines and stayed aboard in the evening watching more episodes of The Tudors.  The bachelors (Joe, Daniel and Brian) went off to Pirate’s Cove for dinner and Daniel brought us back some ice cream–yum! 

Angie checked out Grabber’s yesterday morning and decided that it was too windy for lunch so we tried the Orchid Bay restaurant.  The fish tacos were delicious as well as the Goombay Smash!  I spent the rest of the afternoon ready (The Girl with the Dragoon Tatoo) and doing an easy jigsaw puzzle. 

Troy from Dive Guana came to replace the zincs on our prop.  He was in the middle of taking the old ones off when the folks from the marina came running up and told him that there was an emergency.  Someone had seen 3 flares and a boat disappear at the north end of Whale Cay.  Troy rushed off to help look for the boat.  We listened on the radio and were really impressed with how the islanders joined together to respond.  We heard that they found a center console boat that was adrift after a big wave that ripped off the console.  One man was injured and they rushed him to Marsh Harbor.  Someone on the radio also offered to fly him to the States, if needed.  Troy came back this morning to finish the job and he said that they never found evidence of a sunken sailboat.  That was good news!  I can’t imagine anyone trying to get into the Whale with such high winds and waves.  After passing through in relatively benign conditions, I have a lot of respect for ocean inlets!

Troy from Dive Guana replaces our zincs

Dockmaster McKenzie was back at work today looking for his friend Bailey!  He stops to talk to Bailey every time he comes down the dock.  Bailey still barks furiously but maybe he’s warming up…

McKenzie and Bailey