We left Manjack Cay early Sunday morning under nice, calm conditions.  That doesn’t imply that the sea state going around Whale Cay will be the same!  You can’t head straight through the Sea of Abaco to the southern islands because it’s too shallow.  Thus, a passage around Whale Cay.  Going out into the ocean we met high rolling waves.  Only a few were crashing and they were closer to the rocks.  Thank goodness we had out mainsail up — that made all the difference in stability.  Right before we turned off to head back in a large roller hit us broadside.  I saw it coming and OMG everything on the starboard side of the boat went tumbling!  Joe said that he saw it too and actually saw our keel!!

Since we left in the morning the main topic of discussion amongst the boats was the schedule.  After hearing the weather report and deciding that it didn’t look promising for crossing to Eleuthra any time soon, we decided to go to Orchid Bay marina on Great Guana Cay.  We stayed here in the spring and really enjoyed it.   FYI – here is a map of the Abacos

Map of the Abacos
Everyone else had already fueled up at Spanish Cay so we let them all get into the docks before we approached the fuel dock.  There we were met by our good friend McKenzie, the dock master.   He sure remembered Bailey! 
The first order of business was lunch at Grabber’s.  We all remembered the delicious group sandwiches and couldn’t wait to have them again.  Settling into the marina was very relaxing.  We can take our time doing laundry, taking walks, sitting by the pool or working on boat chores.   Even though the weather isn’t perfect, no one is complaining!
For dinner,  Angie served the most delicious fish ( I forgot the type of fish but it was one of 2 they caught at the same time on Saturday.)   They also introduced us to the chocolate orange ball — must find some of those!!
The gang at Grabber's
Grouper sandwich and sweet potato fries
Monday was a public holiday (Boxing Day) so the grocery store was only open for a couple hours in the morning.  Joe joined us for breakfast at the Art Cafe where I had a yummy breakfast sandwich (fried egg and bacon) on fresh Bahamian bread.
On Tuesday we took the ferry across to Marsh Harbor to have lunch and do some shopping.   It only takes about 1/2 to cross over to Marsh Harbor.   There were very few boats anchored there…where is everyone?  We enjoyed lunch at Mangoes where the food was delicious and the service was excellent.  Afterwards, we took care of the primary mission — getting our Bahamian phone working.   Apparently, if you don’t add minutes to your phone every 90 days, they terminate your phone number.  We had to buy a new SIM card (hence, a new phone number) but now we’re back in business. 
Special Mangoes salad
We picked up a few groceries at the ‘large’ store and also 4 more bottles of rum (we wouldn’t want to run out!!)  Since we missed the early afternoon ferry back, we passed the time back at Mangoes, sampling their Goombay Smash rum drinks.   It was right chilly by the time we got back to the boat.  We cooked some soup for dinner and watched another episode of The Tudors (2nd season).
Riding the ferry
Today (Wednesday) I needed some time on my own and took Bailey for a long walk on the beach.  He loves it…chasing his ball and running around like a nut.   The rest of the day was spent cooking, doing laundry and reading.   The weather forecast calls for a strong front to pass over on Friday bringing a good chance of squalls with high wind.   Think we’ll stay put!  It looks likely that there will be a window from Saturday through Tuesday to make it down to the Exumas.
Guana Cay - ocean beach
lovin the beach

Whew, it took me all day to do this!  The regular wifi signal wasn’t available and the marina wifi is really slow.  In the meantime, I made some banana walnut scones!!