Unless something changes (or I chicken out) we’re leaving around 10pm tonight for the Bahamas. The plan is to reach Memory Rock around 8am and head for Great Sale Cay. We are traveling with Lady of Lorien, Onward and maybe a few other boats. We were concerned about getting to West End and getting stuck there for a while in bad weather (at $100/day!) If we can get to Great Sale, at least it will be protected and won’t cost anything.
I’ve never done a night crossing and am a nervous wreck! I know the boat will do fine — not sure about me. I did okay yesterday when we went offshore from Ft. Pierce to Lake Worth. I took a Scopace (pill form of Scopalomine) and felt fine. Thanks to Diane for recommending it!!

We’re resting up today and will hopefully post next time from the Bahamas. I won’t have Internet access in Great Sale so it could be a while. Hopefully, we’ll be in Green Turtle for Christmas!

Leaving Ft. Pierce