It looks like there may be a short weather window on Tuesday that will allow us to cross over to the Bahamas–Yay!!  We’re preparing to leave the marina at Ft. Pierce tomorrow morning and sail offshore to Lake Worth.  After checking weather Monday morning, we’ll decide when to leave.  Mike and Angie (Lady of Lorien) are anchored outside the marina and will also sail down tomorrow.  They plan to do more last-minute shopping in West Palm.  No more shopping for us–the boat is crammed full!

I did more cleaning and polishing on Tuesday morning.  The boat is squeaky clean.  We won’t be able to clean much in the Bahamas (since we have to pay for fresh water) so I’m hoping that my efforts will deter the salt damage.   I had all of the cockpit lockers open so I could clean the tops and air them out.  Bailey must have jumped up and fell in the stern locker.  I didn’t hear anything but just happened upon him sitting in the locker looking out like “I don’t know how I got here.”

What Happened?

While in Georgia we stopped at one of the carpet shops and bought some new area rugs for the boat.  We go through rugs pretty quickly and I always look for ones with rubber backing.  When we visited Bob and Phyllis (Comocean) I noticed that they had ‘real’ carpet area rugs with non-skip underneath.  I figured, why not??!!  Thanks for the idea, Phyllis!!

New rugs

We met Larry and Suzi (Kanau) on Tuesday night for dinner in downtown Ft. Pierce.  They had some friends here who also joined us at the marina restaurant.  Afterwards, we enjoyed seeing the Christmas light show at the waterfront.  About 50 palm trees are covered with lights that flash in time to music — pretty neat.

Larry and Suzi
Happy Cruisers
Light show
Light show

Since we couldn’t leave Ft.  Pierce earlier this week, we rented a car and drove over to Ft. Myers for a few days to visit my mother.   She was so happy to see us (I think I earned enough brownie points to last a while!)  It’s not a bad drive — only 2 1/2 hours.  As it turned out, my high school friend Cindy was also in Ft. Myers on Wednesday.  She’s a flight attendant for Southwest and when she told me where she was staying it turned out to be just 2 blocks from my mother’s house.  We enjoyed catching up with her at lunch.  She and her husband are both pilots and own a plane.  Maybe they’ll fly down and meet us in the Bahamas sometime this winter…

Cindy and Harriet

My mother’s neighbors across the street invited us over to see their decorations.  We were blown away!  They had every room in their house decorated.  It’s a small 2 bedroom house and they had 14 trees decorated inside with different themes in each room.  They were the most elegant decorations I’ve ever seen (besides my friends Carolyn and Jim;-) 

A bad rainstorm came through Florida on Friday causing flooding and tornado watches.  This is the same storm that came up the coast on Saturday and brought blizzard conditions back home.  My mother was so worried about us driving in the rain (much more than us making an ocean passage!) 

Friday night, we drove to Stuart for dinner at the Smith’s house with the CSC (Chesapeake Sailing Club) south.  It’s such a great group of people.  Everyone gets along so well and they’re so pleasant to be with.  They take good care of us when we visit!

Today (Saturday) we did another round of breakfast and shopping at the Ft. Pierce farmer’s market.  It was so windy that the vendor’s tents were blowing away.  We are all stocked up with fresh veggies, grapefruit, oranges and the most delicious freshly baked scones.  Skip returned the car — we’re sooo done with driving and shopping!  Our friends Jim and Sue picked us up for lunch at On the Edge on Hutchinson Island.  It’s just a little restaurant/bar with a thatched roof right on the inlet.   The food was very good.  I’m getting my fill of fresh shrimp since we won’t see any in the Bahamas.

Sue and Jim

We talked to Ed and Tina (Merlin) over Skype.  They’re back home in Maryland in the midst of the giant snowstorm.  Ed pointed his webcam out the window so we could see the snow piling up.  We really miss cruising with them…

My next post may be from the Bahamas…keep your fingers crossed for good weather!!