We left St. Augustine early this morning after 3 nights at Camachee Cove marina.  What a nice place to hang out!  Our friends Mike and Angie from Lady of Lorien had just come in ahead of us after sailing offshore from Cape Fear for the past 2 days.  Angie was fed up with cold weather and just wanted to get south!

I scrubbed the boat while Skip worked on a few projects.  Joe (Onward) anchored outside in the harbor and came over in his dinghy to buy parts from the marine store.  We all climbed into a courtesy car in the afternoon and really didn’t have a plan other than find an office supply store and buy a few boxes.  I wanted to box up same cold weather clothes and send them home.  I didn’t want to tempt fate too much so I kept a few items on board! 

We met Mike and Angie for dinner at the Kingfish Grill–the restaurant at the marina.  The specials were delicious–freshly caught salmon and tuna.  We had a grand ‘reunion’ although they both were still very tired from their trip.

Skip had a refrigeration mechanic come by on Wednesday morning to look at our engine-driven unit.    Skip had recently installed a new timer and it still wouldn’t come on.  Turns out the timer was defective so a new one will be mailed to our friend’s house in Port St. Lucie (thanks Jim & Binnie!)   Skip also had a mechanic come to look at our engine.  Although we had a new thermostat installed before leaving Annapolis, the gauge was reading cooler than normal.  Sure enough, he removed the thermostat and it was clogged with gunk in the ‘open’ position.  The mechanic had said that running cooler would cause problems in the long run and didn’t necessarily need to be addressed immediately but we just wanted the engine to run normally so we had him replace the thermostat.  The gauge now reads 180 degrees–right where it should be!

Angie reserved the courtesy car so she and I could shop in Target.  I didn’t need much but still managed to fill up a cart!  Later in the afternoon, we took the courtesy car again and mailed our 2 boxes of cold weather stuff home.  Now we have room for more food for the Bahamas!  We went for dinner at a place called Gypsy Cab Co. that the marina staff recommended.  It was fantastic and very reasonably priced. 

Thursday morning, Angie and I had another shopping date–this time we went to the outlet shops.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time but managed to check out a few stores–especially the Chico’s outlet (my favorite!)  The woman in the marine store offered Skip the use of her business card that allowed us to get 4 free tickets to one of the local town tours.  We took the train ride that ran through town and learned about all of the sites.  Since it was late in the day, we didn’t get off anywhere–we just rode the train and enjoyed the tour. 

We left early this morning and made it to the 7am opening of the Bridge of Lions.  They’re still re-building the bridge.  It’s an amazing project.  They built a temporary bridge next to itso they could renovate the original bridge.  Once it’s finished, they’ll remove the temporary lift bridge and donate it to another town.  They also plan to rip out the temporary bridge roadbed and dump it in the Atlantic to create a reef.  The tour guide said that it’s the most expensive bridge project in the country.  I’m not surprised.  Too bad they couldn’t just use the money to build a high bridge and eliminate the opening which is a pain to boaters and cars!

After we passed through the L.B. Knox bridge north of Daytona we were boarded by the Florida Dept of Natural Resources (also known as the Potty Police.)  They came alongside and 2 men jumped on board.  They asked to see the valve that directs waste to make sure it was locked in the holding tank position.  We were warned last year that in Florida they want you to have a padlock on the valve, not just a wire tie.  When the guy saw our padlock, he was very pleased.  They jumped off and left us alone (of course Bailey thinks he chased them off!)  There were 4 sailboats in a row and they boarded every one (including Onward.)  They didn’t board the power boats–I guess because the sides are too high to jump on.  That’s not fair!!

We anchored tonight in Rockhouse Creek which is below Daytona and near the Ponce Inlet.  Tomorrow, we’re going to visit Cocoa!

BTW, I didn’t take any pictures in St. Augustine except this one of my Bahamas quilt:

Bahamas quilt