We haven’t touched land since leaving Charleston!  Warm and sunny weather is just perfect for motoring on the ICW.  The best thing about the ICW in Georgia–only 2 bridge openings!!  After crossing the Savannah river, we joined a line of boats waiting for the first bridge to open.  It’s supposed to open on demand but the operator appeared much more sympathetic to motor traffic than boaters.  He kept yelling at the boats in front to approach the bridge before he even stopped the motor traffic.  With screaming currents pushing us into the bridge, no one is going to approach it until it actually starts opening (no matter what he says!)  The second bridge operator was a little kinder although the sound of emergency vehicle sirens made us a little nervous.  After the first lock in the Dismal Swamp, we were almost at the open bridge when the operator suddenly started screaming “All stop, reverse!!”  Skip slammed the boat into hard reverse as he dropped the bridge right in front of us to let an ambulance cross.  That was scary!

As we passed by Beaufort, we saw Joe (Onward) anchored in the harbor.  I chatted with him on the phone.  He’s waiting for a hot water heater to be delivered at Isle of Hope so he can’t travel down there too soon.  He promised to buy us some ‘real’ bagels in Beaufort.  We had some Thomas’ bagels the other day and they are just WRONG!

Dolphins swim by the boat

Larry and Suzi (Kanau) also stopped near Beaufort to visit friends.  The rest of the boats we followed all day turned off into Killkenny Creek.  It’s reputed to have a decent seafood restaurant.  Around midday, we both heard some splashing beside the boat and peered over to watch 2 dolphins swim alongside us.  So cool!!  I didn’t get a very good picture–just a fin.  After a long day of motoring, we anchored in Cattlepen creek.  It was chilly and windy when we stopped here last fall.  This year, it’s warm and calm.  We settled in for a nice meal and watched a movie (Indiana Jones — predictable, but entertaining.)

Today, we meandered through the marshes of Georgia.  The scenery is beautiful.  Many cruisers talk about how much they hate the ICW in Georgia because it’s a such winding route.  I love to watch for birds and dolphins.  If you see a large dead tree, it’s bound to have a eagle perched on top.  We saw 2 today.  The current either pushes us faster or slows us down…it all evens out.

Eagle eying us

By early afternoon we arrived in the Frederica river and anchored near the old fort.  We were disappointed to see that they haven’t rebuilt the dinghy dock yet so that we could go ashore.  Even so, it’s a beautiful anchorage.  Our quest for the day was to find a water leak.  We’ve seen some clues lately that indicate a problem.  Our bow tank emptied too quickly, the bilge pump was running too often and Skip heard the water pump running in the middle of the night—not good!  Starting from the forward tank, we traced the pipes looking for leaks.  Rummaging under the galley sink, I finally spotted the drips coming from a hot water hose.  Mission accomplished!

Moon over the marsh

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching football (Skip), reading (me) and sleeping (Bailey.)  Dinner was pizzas on the grill.  Tomorrow, we’re going a short distance to dock in Brunswick.  We haven’t been there before and want to check it out (and do some laundry.)  Weather looks good until Tuesday and Wednesday when it’s supposed to rain. 

We like warm weather