Leaving Bucksport, we zigged and zagged on the Waccamaw river until emptying into the canals that lead through the marshes north of Charleston.  Early morning fog made the Waccamaw river seem more eerie than usual.  There’s nothing around except for cypress swamp. 

Waccamaw River


Fall Colors

We stopped about 26 miles north of the Isle of Palms and dropped the anchor in Graham creek.  On a calm, serene night we were surrounded by marshlands and clouds of no-see-ums.  We vetoed the grilling idea and had pasta instead.

Graham Creek

I love a nice, quiet night at anchor!  We didn’t need to leave too early on Thursday so I made cinnamon french toast for breakfast.  We arrived at the Isle of Palms marina a little before noon.  The marina was short-handed so we easily managed to dock on our own (we tipped each other;-)  I couldn’t wait to take a shower (a real one with lots of running water.)

Our niece Catherine (Cat) came to the marina and joined us for lunch.  Afterwards, we loaded up our dirty laundry and overnight bags to stay at her house for a few days.  She picked up baby James at school–he’s only 14 months old and loves it.  He’s such a sweet baby with loads of energy!  Our nephew Justin came home later from work and brought pizzas for dinner (I really miss getting pizza on the boat.)

On Friday Cat took us out to lunch at Taco Boy in Charleston – a really fun and funky place.  The tempura shrimp taco and the tuna taco were fresh and delicious.  After lunch, she drove us through downtown Charleston to see the beautiful homes that line the Battery. 

Yummy tempura shrimp and tuna tacos

James likes his cheese quesadilla

Cat and James got into the Halloween spirit for a party at her office–she was Jungle Jane and James was a cute little monkey.  Too bad she couldn’t convince Justin to don a gorilla costume!

Jungle Jane and Monkey boy

Dinner was a grilled feast with steaks, sausage (from Bucksport), fried okra and baked potatoes.  I made a blueberry crumble (thanks to Donna for the blueberries!)

Today (Saturday) we loaded up the car with everyone (including dogs) so that their house could be shown to a potential buyer.  Justin showed us his impressive flooring showroom (http://www.precisionflooring.info/index2.htm).  We would like to get hardwood floors in our house someday –so many choices!  We drove to Folly Beach and had lunch at a spot that was dog-friendly as it was too warm and sunny to leave them in the car.  They dropped us off at the marina where we said our goodbyes.  Happily, we’ll see them in about a month in Chattanooga for Skip’s mother’s 90th birthday party.

Back on the boat, we napped and did some chores.  As the sun went down, we walked a few blocks to the beach and enjoyed a beer while watching the ocean.  Tomorrow morning we’ll move on to Charleston and stay in town for a few days.  Joe (Onward) will join us there.

Isle of Palms beach