Bailey - Guest Blogger

Oh boy…Mom is letting me blog today!  Yesterday, Mom & Dad left early to do laundry before returning the rental car.  I don’t know why they fuss so much about clothes.  Why don’t they just have fur like me?  They came back and puttered around the boat.  Mom had to put some stuff away and she also washed off the deck.  I love it when she uses the garden hose.  I chase the water and try to catch it!  Sometimes she gives me a bath with the hose and that’s not fun at all.

After lunch, Mom & Dad went for a walk around Hampton.  It was a beautiful sunny warm day.  They didn’t take me because I really don’t like to walk around noisy traffic.  I’m also scared of places I don’t know.  When they take me to land for potty trips, I do my business right away.  They always want to keep walking and end up dragging me along.  I just don’t understand it…

In the evening, their friend Marty picked us up and took us to her house.  I got out of the car and was met by not 1, not 2 but 3 little barking white dogs!  I was scared since I’m the one who’s always barking the loudest.  I liked the female dog named Daisy–she was nice.  The one that looked like a big powder puff named Niko just barked at me.  The other dog named Lucky didn’t like me either.  I snarled at them and they left me alone.

Mom and Dad ate pizza and beer and had fun talking to Marty, Rocky and Emily.  They watched some TV shows before taking me back to the boat.  I did get to sit on the sofa with Mom…I really miss my sofa (sigh…)  Most of all, I prefer to stay on the boat at night…especially when, after Dad finishes washing the dishes, he gets out the flashlight and I chase the beam and bark at it.   It’s the best thing in the whole world!

We got up really early today to leave Hampton and make our way through the busy Norfolk harbor and down the Elizabeth river.  Dad drove the boat and kept clear of all the tugs, barges and big ships.  Mom called the first bridge and it opened for us just as we approached–neato!  We turned off into the Dismal Swamp and motored along to the lock at Deep Creek.  I saw mydog  friend U-turn who I met last year at the lock.  He helps the lock master round up the boats and open the gates.

Dismal Swamp
Dismal Swamp

The Dismal Swamp wasn’t anything like it was last year when we came through.  Last year, we were bundled up and freezing cold.  Today, it was warm and sunny.  Mom and I sat on the bow and watched for floating sticks to avoid.  (I don’t know why because I really like sticks.)

We finally arrived at the North Carolina Visitor’s Center and rafted up with 2 other boats that were already tied to the dock.  I met Suzi and Larry on Kanau.  They like Shelties!  Larry even let me play with the hose while he cleaned his decks–awesome!!

I heard the plans and it looks like we can sleep in tomorrow.  No one is in a hurry to leave and we’re only going to Elizabeth City.  Mom will let you know all about it tomorrow.  Right now, it’s flashlight time!!!!!