I must be in cruising mode because I was awake at dawn!    After a quiet night in Mill Creek, we raised the anchor and headed for the Virginia waters of the southern bay.  The weather prediction was wrong (imagine that!)  We were prepared for 10-15 knot winds with gusts to 20k from the west and had light NW winds most of the day.  We sailed for a bit while crossing the mouth of the Potomac river but there wasn’t enough wind to keep sailing and make our destination…Deltaville, VA.

Cockpit enclosure
Cockpit enclosure

We’re enjoying our new canvas cockpit enclosure.  After last season, we wanted to be more comfortable in cold, wet or buggy conditions.  Our old canvas was falling apart so we decided to get all new bimini (+new frame) and dodger along with zip-in plastic panels that roll up and hang from the top when not in use.  We also got 3 screen panels to exchange for air circulation and bug protection. The bimini and dodger are connected with a canvas panel that has a large plastic window with a cover so we can keep the connector up while sailing.   The enclosure gives us an ‘extra room’ on the boat.  It’s also very comfortable when sailing…it cuts down the noise and protects us from rain and wind.  Some may say we’ve gone to the ‘dark side’ but, darn it, we like to be warm!

The Deltaville anchorage is quiet and protected.  A huge orange moon rose tonight…must be harvest time!  We’re going to Hampton, VA tomorrow to stay for a few nights.  We’re looking forward to visiting Marty, Rocky and Emily.  The weather is iffy for Wednesday and Thursday (if you believe in their predictions…) so we’ll stay for a couple days before starting at Mile 0 of the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW).

Just in case anyone was wondering, Bailey took to using his potty mat like a champ!