Eva picked us up Friday afternoon and chauffeured us to our boat with all our last-minute stuff–hard to believe I could find space for more stuff!  We hung out on her boat (Calypso) for a while until  Rick showed up and they took us to dinner at Squisitos for some yummy mussels, calamari and pizza.

Leaving Back Creek, Annapolis

We awoke to light rain on Saturday morning but the winds were calm so we took off the dock lines and our big orange fender (compliments of Jim Oneal!) and motored out of Back Creek.  I’m still really nervous about leaving but I know that I’ll settle down once we get into the routine. 

Bailey perfecting his Radar skills








Before heading south, we turned north for the Sabre club rendezvous in Gray’s Inn Creek off the Chester river.  We motored under the Bay bridge and didn’t put the sails up until we turned in the Chester river.  Arriving at the creek after about 5 miles of sailing we tried 2 times to anchor but couldn’t get it to stick.  When Calypso arrived and quickly set their anchor, they invited us to raft up.  We didn’t raft up all winter in the Bahamas because the conditions are usually too windy.  With a nice, calm night predicted, we welcomed the opportunity to spend one more night with our friends.

 When Pleiades arrived, hosts Suzanne and Vicky with sailing dawg  Tioga invited everyone aboard for drinks and appetizers.  The theme was sparkling wine so I made Bellinis (Prosecco, peach nectar and a raspberry)  The food, drinks and company were as fun as always.  Four other boats arrived and joined us for the party.  We watched a full moon rise over the clear, calm waters.

 Morning was still and foggy.  I awoke during the night when I heard firecrackers ashore that disturbed what must have been 1,000 geese!  When I looked outside, the night was brightly lit by the moon and fog hugged the shores.  We decided to eat breakfast and wait until the sun burned off the fog layer.  As we waved goodbye to Calypso and Running on MT (everyone else was still asleep!), we promised to keep in touch and blog often!










We motored south through the Kent Narrows and hit the drawbridge at exactly the right time for its opening.  How often does that happen!!  Beyond the bridge, we raised the sails and headed down Eastern Bay with blustery winds coming from slightly behind us.  Our new headsail is smaller and perfect for stronger wind conditions.  We put one reef in the main sail to make the ride more comfortable.  We were making over 7 knots–sweet!

Until we turned Drum Point into Solomon’s Island, the rest of the trip south was a combination of sailing and motor-sailing when the winds lightened up.  We debated taking a mooring but decided to anchor (like real cruisers!)  We anchored in Mill Creek, took nice hot showers and enjoyed a pasta meal on the boat.  Neither of us eat very much while underway but are starving when we finally settle into an anchorage.  Weather predictions are iffy for tonight and tomorrow.  With strong westerly winds, should we try and cross the mouth of the Potomac?  We’ll have to listen to the weather tomorrow morning and make a decision…