We’re home – yay! It’s nice to be on solid ground for a change. Bailey is so happy to be reunited with his sofa and his favorite nightly ritual of chasing the flashlight beam (with much more room to run!) We arrived in Annapolis yesterday (Wednesday) after an uneventful trip from Solomon’s Island. After a brief period of sailing, the wind died and we motored past familiar familiar sites – Sharp’s Island light, Thomas Point, Tolly point…

We picked up a mooring in Annapolis harbor to visit with friends Elliott and Ina (and sailing dog Zoe) who had sailed up from their home in New Bern. They had cruised to the Bahamas twice and wanted to hear all about our adventures. Joyce joined us for dinner at Luna Bleu as we continued to get caught up with all that we missed this past winter.

Thursday morning, we had breakfast at the City Dock before making the short trip to our new slip on H dock at Jabin’s marina in Back Creek. We stayed here in 2007 and really enjoyed the nice quiet, protected location. We tied up without any problems – heading in bow first now that we have dinghy davits on the stern.

It was a strange feeling to close up the boat. I was excited to get home but also sad about leaving our ‘home’ for the past 8 months. Our friends John and Carolyn came by around noon to drive us home to Baltimore.  After settling in and seeing our house-sitter Debbi (who was in the process of moving out), we enjoyed lunch with John and Carolyn.

Going through 8 months of mail wasn’t too bad.  Debbi did a great job of weeding out the junk and only saving the important stuff.  I was so happy to take a loooong shower and put on some different clothes.  It’s like having a complete new wardrobe!

We took Bailey out for a walk to say hello to all of our neighbors and find out what’s new.  Besides several new ‘For Sale’ signs, we discovered that both of our neighbors on either side are expecting!  Bailey was so happy to see his friends Willy and Shakey!

Today, we helped out the economy by spending some money.  We needed a new clothes dryer.  Ours was on its last gasp before we left and only worked for one load before conking out.  It was over 25 years old so I can’t complain.   We also had to restock our pantry since I left most of the food on the boat.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone!