Justin cooks up a feast

Justin cooked up a real feast on  our last night staying with them.  He grilled fillets and shrimp and fryed up some okra and sweet potatoes.  I admitted to never having tried fried okra – now I’m sold! 

James on his Radio Flyer horse

We came back to the marina on Wednesday morning after a stop at the grocery store.    Skip worked on some projects.  He’s still trying to get the fan working properly on our DC refrigeration unit.  I cleaned out cabinets and put down new shelf paper.  Things are starting to look cleaner after months of limited water usage in the Bahamas!

Justin and Cat brought James to the boat for dinner.  He seemed to like it!  Next time we see him, he’ll probably be walking and talking!

I cooked up a pot of pasta fagoli and also made brownies!  It was still blowing pretty good and raining on Thursday so we decided to stay another day.  More cleaning (and relaxing!) 




Carla waves to us as they go by on the ICW

 While poking around on WordPress looking for other cruising blogs, I stumbled across a blog that included cruising and quilting…hmmm….interesting.  After checking it out, I found out that Carla is a quilter extraordinaire from California who is traveling with her sister and brother-in-law as they deliver a large yacht north.   After finding out that they were just down the ditch in Charleston, I had to write to her.   It was fun to ‘meet’ Carla as they passed us on the ICW Friday morning.  I asked her for some ideas on making a quilt using my Androsia fabrics from the Bahamas.  She gave me some good ones.  Check out her blog — her quilts and other mixed media works are amazing!

Friday was a long day of motoring slowly into the current.  We didn’t pick up speed until late in the day as we approached the Waccamaw River.  We tried to anchor just off of Bucksport but we just couldn’t get it to stick.  Or maybe it was the alligator we saw which convinced us to return to the Bucksport marina.  Really nice people and cheap.  They were getting ready for a bass fishing tournament the next morning.   What a sight that was early in the morning — about 60 bass fishing boats hurtling out at top speed to catch the big one!

Waccamaw River

I’m working on my blog and writing up some recommendations for future reference.  I already posted a new page on traveling with a dog.  I’m also going to add equipment recommendations, provisioning and ‘things we learned that no one told us before we left’.  Stay tuned…