IMG_3072Our offshore trip was not to be…  We headed out the cut and faced the possibility of no wind and rolling seas for 26 hours.  I immediately felt queasy and took a bunch of seasickness medicine (I had already taken my usual Bonine but it wasn’t enough!)   We decided to head back for the ICW at the next inlet (St. Simons) and continue travel on the ICW.  Lady of Lorien kept on going since they were on a tighter schedule that we were.  I felt better once the drugs took effect but also couldn’t stay awake!  We were fine motoring along the ICW all day and made it to New Teakettle creek–about half-way through Georgia.  The ICW is boring but very doable IMHO.  It takes longer but the seas are flat and we’re used to dealing with the bridges, tides and currents. 

Boy, they weren’t kidding about the flies in Georgia.  We were bombarded with green head flies.   They mostly swarmed and landed on the canvas without biting us.  Even so, it was not fun.  I got mad towards the end of the day and started killing them–a drop in the bucket!  I need to find some repellent with DEET!!!


IMG_3077Once we anchored, the flies disappeared and we enjoyed a nice dinner of grilled pizzas.  We got started early this morning (Friday) and motored our way into South Carolina–yay!  It was a ‘3 rainbow’ morning as we came through several rainstorms.  At least the rain kept the flies away!  When we crossed the Savannah river into South Carolina, the flies didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to stay in Georgia!  We continued on until we were close to Hilton Head and anchored in Bull Creek.  Skip wanted to go into the marina at Hilton Head but it was too close to low tide and their entrance is shallow.


We heard from Ed on Merlin when they arrived in Annapolis today–home!  We also heard later in the day from Mike and Angie.  They had a good overnight passage and were resting up in the Waccamaw River.  We plan to be in Charleston by Sunday and stay at the Isle of Palms marina.  We’re looking forward to visiting Skip’s nephew Justin and his wife Catherine and baby James.