While crossing back to the US, Skip and I were compiling our list of the ‘best and worst (or more like ‘least favorite’) things we liked about cruising the Bahamas.  Here it is…


  1. Sunshine and unspoiled beaches
  2. Meeting friendly, same-minded cruisers
  3. Sharing pot luck happy hours and dinners
  4. Monday mornings (when everyone else is going to work;-)
  5. Ramdom rum drinks
  6. Sealife – dolphins, turtles, fish
  7. Finding beach treasures – shells, seabeans and sea glass
  8. Graciousness of Bahamian people
  9. Soothing water sounds
  10. Seeing the green flash when the sun goes down (and you’ve had a bit of rum!)
  11. Stars at night
  12. Sailing!
  13. No schedules
  14. Focus on living each day to its fullest
  15. Good choices for places to go and things to do (or do nothing!)
  16. Boat buddies who help solve mechanical problems
  17. Playing games (Farkle, Mexican Train dominoes, Quiddler, Bananagrams, etc.)
  18. Having wifi
  19. Eating freshly caught fish
  20. Clean, clear water and seeing the shadow of the boat on the sandy bottom

Least Favorite:

  1. Engine problems
  2. Bad weather underway or at anchor
  3. Wet dinghy rides
  4. Missing family and friends
  5. Inconsiderate boaters (mainly sportfishers and mega-yachts)
  6. Getting enough ‘alone time’
  7. Feeling queasy
  8. Lack of variety in groceries and fresh vegetables
  9. Minimizing water usage

The good definitely outweighs the bad!!