skip-likes-kalikAnother day at Orchid Bay marina was just fine with me!  I did another load of laundry and we took a nice walk on the beach.  The wind died out by late evening and gave us a quiet night.  Tuesday morning, we awoke to a NE breeze–not especially good for getting out of our slip.  We had to back out and get the bow of the boat to turn before the wind pushed us into the dock.  It didn’t go as well as planned.  We were pushed up against the pilings and scraped our way along until Skip could push the bow around–not pretty!  I wish our boat had an extra large bang-rail because we really need one!

Merlin and Onward left Great Guana Cay for Treasure Cay.  They were heading back to Florida by the end of the week.  We heard from them on Saturday and they did have a smooth crossing from Green Turtle to Vero Beach, spending the night anchored on the Bahama banks.

We scooted across the Sea of Abaco to Marsh Harbor to pick up our outboard from the hospital.  Mike and Angie towed our dinghy to the dock and whilie the men picked up the motor, Angie and I made a quick sweep of the grocery store.  When we got back to the dinghies, they were trying to start the motor which got flooded.  Later, I found out that they had an adventure getting the motor back to the dock.  The shop loaned them a cart and while bringing it back, Skip hit a hole in the sidewalk and the motor,cart and himself tipped over into the roadway.  Mike said it was quite a spectacle.  Thank goodness Skip wasn’t hurt and the motor wasn’t damaged!

We didn’t want to stay in Marsh Harbor (crowded!) so we spent the night anchored off of Tilloo Cay.  The wind was still causing a surge in the anchorage until it finally went more east and the waters calmed down considerably.  I baked the wahoo that was given to us by some cruisers in Samson Cay.  They were heading home and wanted to empty their freezer and we were glad to help them out!  The fish was delicious!  I used the piece we couldn’t finish to make a fish stew the following night.  Now that it’s just us and Lady of Lorien traveling together, we alternate nights hosting happy hour and dinner.  After dinner on Moondance, we usually play games and listen to music.  On Lady of Lorien, we either play games or watch films.  Mike had a really good video collection–we need to work on ours as well as get a DVD player!

little-harborWe sailed south to Little Harbor on Wednesday.  The entrance is too shallow so we anchored outside the harbor and dinghied in.  Sadly, Lady of Lorien couldn’t get their anchor to set and gave up after 4 tries.  They went to anchor on the other side off Lynyard Cay.  We took Bailey ashore to visit the beach and have lunch at Pete’s.  We told Mike and Angie that they didn’t miss much as there really isn’t much there–a restaurant, gallery and the beach.  We tried to downplay how delicious the lunch was (grilled dolphin and tuna sandwiches!)

We left Little Harbor and went a short distance across the Sea of Abaco to anchor off Lynyard Cay.  Lynyard is a long, narrow island with just a few homes.  There were signs along the beach that said ‘Private Property’ but we assumed that it okay to visit (after all, it didn’t say ‘no trespassing’!)  The beach on the Atlantic side looks very much like the Exuma beaches.  Waves were crashing against the rocks and the beach was strewn with seaweed and trash.  It’s interesting to see what washes ashore but very sad.  Even if people were to collect the trash, what would we do with it?

baby-starfishI was thrilled to find many pieces of sea glass along the beach.  Yesterday afternoon, we walked along the Abaco Sea beach at low tide and I found even more sea glass.  There is abundant sea life near the island.  Mike and Angie found large sea biscuits and we saw starfish and a sea slug.  We’ll stay here a little while longer while waiting for high tide to occur later in the day so we can visit Hope Town.  Lady of Lorien needs high tide to enter the harbor–we could get in there with less water.

Mike and Angie gave us an A+ for adapting to the cruising lifestyle.  We don’t mind hanging out someplace for a few days and never feel compelled to move from place to place on a schedule.  Our theme throughout this trip has been ‘It’s all good!”  The only times I get really antsy are when the weather is too rough to get off the boat.  As long as we can dinghy ashore and walk around, I’m happy where ever we are!