calabash-bayAfter carefully watching the weather and discussing all of the options, we finally left Thompson Bay on Saturday (3/28) and sailed to the northern tip of Long Island in Calabash Bay.  It’s near the resort where we had dinner at Cape Santa Maria.  The water is deep right up to the shore and the beach is the most beautiful pure white sand I’ve seen so far.  (Rick and Eva – you have to make it here someday!)  With wind from the south, it did get rather rolly at night.  We enjoyed a ‘farewell’ dinner on Merlin as they will be heading off to Conception Island while Moondance and Lady of Lorien head back to the Exumas.

We left at sunrise on Sunday morning for the 68 mile trip across the Exuma sound to Dotham cut just north of Black Point.  The wind started out good but slowly died out so we ended up motor-sailing most of the way.  It was a straight shot across as we surfed with the waves behind us.   We reached the anchorage at Black Point by 5pm and settled in for the night.  I was happy that we had left-overs to eat since we were both tired from the long trip. 

I’m glad to be back in the Exumas a day ahead of when my brother arrives.  We spent Monday morning doing laundry.  I also got another haircut from Ida at the laundromat!  Our outboard motor cut out on the way over to the laundry.  We haven’t had a bit of trouble with the motor so this is very troublesome. 

We stopped at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for fuel and water before anchoring nearby–close to Thunderball grotto.  With the weather finally calm, we could anchor close enough to the yacht club so we can easily pick up my brother when he arrives. 

alanAlan arrived early Tuesday morning and we immediately put him to work–helping to row the dinghy back to the boat after the motor died halfway there!  Skip worked on it for a while and now it seems to be working much better (thank goodness!)  We went back to the yacht club for lunch.  Alan and I both tried the conch burgers while Skip had his cheesesburger fix.  We took a long walk to the Exuma sound beach and stopped at the local store for some bread.  We were all very thirsty so Alan and I bought some cold Gatorade.  A little Bahamian boy on a bike coming home from school asked me if he could have some of my Gatorade.  I thought he was going to pour some into his water bottle but he proceeded to guzzle it down.  He had such a laugh as I tried to get it back – he sure played me (the little rascal!)

Alan and I went over to snorkel in Thunderball grotto at low tide (along with many other tourists).   After tying the dinghy to the mooring ball, we splashed into the water and headed for the entrance to the cave.    There were so many fish swimming around very close to the swimmers.  They must be very used to the crowds.  It’s pretty spectacular inside the grotto.  You can see fish swimming all around due to light coming in from holes in the rock overhead.   

We’re all tired from our busy day.  I made some painkillers and we watched the sunset.  Tomorrow, we’ll sail north to Shroud Cay.  Stay tuned!