Beach art??


I went on a long hike with Ed and Tina back to the nice beach with the swimming lagoon.  It’s nice just to get out and walk because I feel out of shape.  Tina organized yoga on the beach so a group of us have been going ashore in the morning to practice what we remember from our various yoga classes.  It feels soooo good!  It’s also nice to be with other women and get to know them better.


One morning I took Tina and Angie ashore for a grocery shopping trip while Skip and Ed were on Lady of Lorien helping Mike remove a bad battery.  After returning to the boat, I realized I was ALONE.  What a funny feeling.  I didn’t realize how good it would feel to have my own space.  In such small quarters, you’re always either stepping over each other or answering questions or just generally aware of another person close by.  Anyway, it felt good for the short time that I was alone (not that I want to be alone all the time—just some of the time;-)


Angie baked some lovely grouper on Friday that they purchased at the local seafood store.  It was frozen but tasted very fresh.  We may try to get some to stock up the freezer before we leave.


While hosting dinner aboard Moondance on Saturday we heard some splashing sounds and looked out to find 3 dolphins frolicking close to our dinghies.  I had just remarked that we haven’t seen any dolphins in the Bahamas and there they were!


We called Jen on Sunday because it had been so long since we talked.  It felt great to hear her voice and talk about what’s going on in her life.  Of course she and her Dad had to discuss what’s happening in the baseball world.  Only one more week until the season starts!


We started working on varnishing the toe rails.  They’ve really taken a beating in the salt water.  Skip does all the prep work sanding and cleaning up.  I tape and varnish.  It looks good after only 2 coats. Even with the windy conditions, there isn’t anything blowing around and the air is dry.


We attended 2 happy hours on the beach with all of the cruisers.   We’re beginning to know some of the people better as we meet up with them in different places.  One night, I was lamenting to some women about my craving for M&M’s.  On the cruiser’s net this morning, someone said that they couldn’t remember who wanted M&M’s but they found some!  I called after the net and arranged to pick them up—how nice!!


The Long Island cruiser’s net is broadcasted every morning at 8:30am.  They review news headlines, weather and local events on the calendar.  They also give out information about local businesses and have an ‘open mike’ session at the end for any announcements or questions.  It’s a nice way for the Island to connect with the cruiser’s and make us feel welcome.