thompson-bayWe survived the latest ‘death storm’ and are planning to leave early tomorrow morning for the Jumento Cays.  After all of the boats left on Saturday, a new crop came in late in the afternoon. 

On Sunday, we waited until the wind direction changed to the SW in the afternoon and put out some more chain and reset the anchor.    Bailey woke us up around midnight because there was lightening and he was scared.  We ended up sleeping on the setee because the V-berth was too rolly.  We never saw any squalls and the wind clocked around very quickly.  By daylight, we were facing NW and bouncing on the rough seas.  I didn’t get much sleep so I slept most of the morning.

We stayed aboard all day Monday while the wind stayed up and the seas were choppy.  Late in the afternoon, we heard our friends Julie and George on the radio and found out that they were on their way to Thompson Bay.  Sure enough, they sailed right in and anchored next to us (under sail!)  We went over in the evening for drinks and enjoyed talking about our cruising experiences.  It was great to finally catch up with them and establish the ‘real CSC South’!!!

img_2582Tuesday morning we pulled up the anchor and came into the fuel dock to top off our tanks.  We went back to the anchorage and dropped the dinghy to head into Island Breeze to meet George and Julie for lunch.  We brought charts and invited Bonnie Lass and Lady of Lorien to hear about sailing in the Jumento Cays.  Our current plans are to follow Seaquel to the lower end of the Jumentos tomorrow, leaving around 4am to make it to a safe anchorage by evening.  Once we’re settled there, we’ll make our way North and explore the islands.  I don’t know when I’ll have wifi again, so stay tuned…