long-island-atlantic-beachWe are enjoying exploring the areas around Thompson Bay on Long Island.  On Saturday, we took a scenic walk over to the Atlantic side of the island and had lunch on the beach.  The beach is pinkish due to bits of shells and coral that break apart and mix with the sand.  There are many interesting rock formations made of eroding white rocks.  In the evening, the cruisers met on shore for a happy hour party.  Everyone brings their own drinks and an appetizer to share.  I sautéed plantains for the first time and they were delicious!


We exchanged boat cards with other cruisers as we discussed where we’ve been and where we might go next.  It’s fun to meet people who we’ve either seen before or heard on the radio.  Bailey also enjoyed the party—he mainly wandered around smelling feet until he found me!


Sunday morning, Merlin and Onward pulled up anchors to head back to Georgetown.  Ed and Tina’s daughter is coming for a visit later in the week.  Lady of Lorien is staying with us as Mike is determined to help resolve our leaky engine problem.  Hopefully, Skip will hear today when the parts will arrive.


clear-waterWe took longer walk to the beach to find a beautiful lagoon that others recommended.  It was a long, hot walk but well worth it.  The beach was spectacular and perfect for swimming. 



Lady of Lorien hosted a grill dinner on their boat with their special ‘random rum’ drinks.  Mike has been having some problems with his hip so Skip brought along the bottle of single malt (Laphroig) for medicinal purposes, of course!


We are expecting a few windy days as a front moves across the southeast Bahamas.  After that (and when our engine is fixed!) we talked about exploring the Jumentos—islands further south that are undeveloped and mostly uninhabited.  It looks like we’ll get a stretch of stable weather that will be perfect for heading there.