Little birds that will eat sugar out of your hand

The wind kicked up last night and we are rocking and rolling!  At least we’re safely tied onto a mooring which means that we don’t have to worry about the anchor dragging.  We worked on some boat chores the past few days (in between relaxing and going ashore to the beach.)  Skip added oil to the engine, fixed a loose hinge on the cockpit table and replaced a leaky part on the head (toilet.)  He also planed the sides of the board that covers our trash can.  The board swelled in the moist air and I couldn’t open it any more without wrenching my finger or banging on it really hard.  Another project was to check all of the clamps on the water hoses.  We lost water twice on this trip due to a clamp coming loose.  We can’t afford to lose any water now that it’s much more difficult to get it!

While rooting around in the lockers, I discovered things that I had put away and forgot I had–a nice raft for floating around in calm water, a small thermos jug (which I used last night to make a batch of mojitos) and a few boxes of white wine (I was wondering where they were!) 

I spent some time catching up on reading blogs.  My brother wrote a funny post called Seven Things Not Worth Knowing About Me.  He brought back some funny memories plus I learned a few things about him I didn’t know!  In the middle of the night (after taking Bailey out for a windy visit to the potty mat) as I was trying to fall back asleep I tried to think of seven things from my past.  After coming up with a few items, I decided that I will definitely not write about any of them!!

It was overcast and rained a little yesterday but not enough to give the deck a good wash.  We took a dinghy ride to the beach and walked around a bit.  The water felt warm but it wasn’t sunny enough to go swimming.  The gang came over last night for dinner and a lively game of dominoes (Mexican train.)  I made stuffed cabbage, trying to remember my mother’s recipe and improvising a bit.  We played dominoes using the ‘correct’ rules according to Mike.  He claims that people make up their own rules for the game.  Since we learned from Skip’s sister and husband, we’re not sure what the ‘correct’ rules are.  As it turned out, the rules according to Mike were very similar to the way we learned to play.  The worst part was learning that blanks were 20 points instead of zero!

Not much else happening here in paradise.  Looks like the weather will stay windy and overcast all day.  Another day of reading, napping and playing on the computer…sigh.

Before I forget, I must mention that I did have a nice conversation with my mother a few days ago using the Bahamian cell phone.  I got in big trouble for writing in my blog that she was too busy to talk to me the other day!