We’re all set to leave Marsh Harbor tomorrow.  The engine is fixed.  We did 2 loads of laundry today and made 2 visits to the grocery store (again, I shopped like it’s the last time I’ll see a grocery store.)  The marina, Conch Inn Marina, was very nice.  They gave us a good deal on the slip and didn’t charge us for electricity and water like we were a luxury yacht.  The showers and heads were not very clean but usable.  This is the base for The Moorings and Sunsail charters and their staff here are very nice and helpful.

Both Lady of Lorien and Onward need to leave at high tide early tomorrow morning.  Our draft is not as deep so we can leave a little later.  I bought everything to make conch chowder but when we stopped at the seafood store this afternoon, it was closed.  I may try it again tomorrow morning.  If not, I’ll think of something else to make with the soup fixings.

Internet access will be sporadic for a while so bear with me.  I’ll update as often as I can.  We’ll anchor near Little Harbor again tomorrow and hopefully sail to Royal Island in Eleuthra on Saturday.  Depending on the weather, it will be a few more days before we make it to the Exuma Land and Sea park where extensive relaxing, swimming, snorkelling and rum drinking will commence!!!