light-and-bird1We took the ferry yesterday to visit Hopetown, a picturesque little town about 5 miles from Marsh Harbor across the Abaco Sound.  We stopped here 3 years ago while on a charter boat vacation and all is about the same as it was.  We climbed to the top of the Elbow Reef lighthouse and enjoyed the view.  Lunch at Capn Jack’s was delicious.  Everyone had fish–either wahoo or snapper and topped it off with coconut pie–yummy!

The streets are lined with colorful little cabins; a lot of them rentals.  Locals travel through the narrow streets using golf carts and little trucks.  After lunch, we wandered the town and ended up at the Reef bar to have ‘after lunch’ drinks.  We ran into friends David and Catherine from Solitaire I, folks we met at Old Bahama Bay.  They’re staying in Hopetown for the winter.


beachOn the way back to the ferry dock, I had to find Vernon’s grocery, a place famous for home-made pies.  I quickly grabbed a fresh key lime pie and headed for the docks.  The pie was fresh and still warm from the oven!

When we arrived back at the boat, we checked the status of our boat parts on FedEx and found out that they were already delivered to Freeport by early afternoon.  Less than 1 hour later, the office notified us that our package had arrived along with Mike and Angie’s windlass parts.  The good news is that the parts arrived so quickly–1 day!  The bad news is that the Bahamian government charges 45% duty on all imported items.  Yikes– that was a hefty sum!!  We couldn’t do much about it though as we needed a new water pump to keep going.

Everyone gathered on Moondance last night to savor the key lime pie–it was to die for!  Today, Skip is busy getting the new water pump installed.  I’m at the Internet cafe doing web stuff since the signal is too weak on the boat to upload photos.  I called my mother on Skype and she was too busy to talk:-(  It’s too early to call Alan, everyone else is at work and Ed & Tina are on their way to Florida.  Oh well, once I’m done, I’ll make a run to the liquor store–we’re almost out of rum!!!