img_2152We are still enjoying our stay in Marsh Harbor.  The wind finally stopped blowing and it’s warm and pleasant.  We took a walk into town yesterday to check out the stores.  There is a well stocked harware store, a marine store, several liquor stores, bakery, a grocery store and lots of small businesses.   We stopped in a phone store and bought a cell phone that would work in the Bahamas. 

Skip worked on the engine most of the day.  He removed the ‘Beast’–the hose at the bottom of the engine that wouldn’t stay attached.   He also removed the water pump and found chunks of rubber clogging one side–remnants of an impeller that got fried when he worked on the boat in Stuart.  Skip tried to fabricate a replacement for the hose but had trouble getting the correct angles.  He cleaned up the Beast and will try reattaching it since the hose itself appears to be okay.

img_2154If you’ve never worked on a diesel engine on a boat, you probably can’t imagine how hard it is to access!

I worked on the laptop yesterday to catch up on banking and other things.  The wifi connection is nothing like broadband.  It gets really slow during peak hours which appear to be around early evening.   At that point, there’s no use even trying…

We grilled some lobster tails for dinner that I had bought frozen and enjoyed a nice meal in the cockpit.  A large group of charterers were partying on the docks last night until very late.  I wanted to go try out our airhorn early in the morning to see if it still works;-)

Another short walk into town this morning was successful–we finally found some Ting!  It’s a grapefruit soda from Jamaica that we used as a mixer on our Antigua charter last year.  Rum Tings tonight!!!!

I asked about the laundry facility and was told that the ladies would do laundry if they weren’t busy at $12 a load.  There is also a laundramat near the grocery store.  That will definitely be the better option.  I did some hand-washing this morning since now I have to consider how much laundry we’ll have to schlep several blocks away!  We bought a folding cart this morning so that will help.  The case of Ting in glass bottles was a little too much for the backpacks–not to mention the backs!!