I have wifi access on the boat – yay!!  I asked about it on the cruisers net this morning and received help from another boat.  Now, I don’t have to drink and blog;-)  You can see my pictures from yesterday on my Flickr site.

The cruisers net is a discussion held every morning on VHF channel 68.  They provide helpful weather info and announcements.   The main purpose seems to be advertisements for the bars, restaurants and dive boats but that’s okay!

We enjoyed lots of appetizers on Onward last night for New Years.  Angie made a tasty soup and garlic bread.  Joe made some smooth rum drinks.  The wind was screaming outside so I was happy to be at a dock.  By midnight, I was asleep!!

Skip is currently dismantling the leaky hose from the engine.  He visited a hardware store yesterday and they let him in the ‘back room’ to rummage through the hoses.  They were all parts for cars but he found a few that he thinks may work. 

Hope everyone is recovering okay from their New Year’s fun.  (I have a little hangover and am drinking lots of water!)  I’m heading out for a walkabout with Angie…