Well, we were supposed to heading to Eleuthra today but decided to stay in the Abacos to work out our engine problem.  Sooooo, we’re in Marsh Harbor for the next few days–not a bad place to hang out!  Unfortunately, I can only use wireless at the bar where I have to drink.  Keep that in mind as you read my updates–typing with one hand, Kalik in the other!

We left Manjack at sunrise yesterday morning and made our way down the chain of Abaco islands to Great Guana where we refueled and made one last pass at a grocery store.  For the past 3 or 4 grocery visits, I’ve shopped like its the last time I will see a store.  At this point, all of the lockers and fridge are packed!

A small squall passed over after leaving Manjack that brought spectacular skies and a double rainbow.  Stay tuned for photos–I’m using Joe’s PC because I couldn’t get mine to connect.

Here’s a real novelty–we actually sailed most of the way yesterday!  It was so great to put the sails up and turn off the motor.  We decided to anchor near a deserted beach on Lynyard Cay instead of Little Harbor because of the wind direction.

After a round of cut-throat dominoes (thanks to Nancy and Don for teaching us the game!) we decided to check the engine before doing another ocean passage.  That’s when we found that the leaky hose repair on the raw water intake did not work.  Skip and I were heads-down in the engine until after 11pm.  The hose is at the very bottom of the engine and extremely inaccessible.  Skip’s hands were bloody after scraping against engine parts.  When the hose was finally re-attached, a leak appeared in a different place.  Oy vey, now it was looking like a trip to remote islands was not such a great idea with an engine problem.

This morning, we pulled anchors up at 6:30am and we heard Mike from Lady of Lorien report that his windlass stopped working.  After a little discussion, we all decided that returning to a marina where we could work on the boats, get or order parts was a good idea.

So, here we are on New Year’s Eve in Marsh Harbor–not bad at all!   I’m sure it will be lively tonight with music, fireworks and another Junkanoo rush out.  Stay tuned for more engine repair stories (hopefully with success).  I’ll just have to drink a few more beers to access the web!!