xmas-dinner-sWe spent Christmas day relaxing until dinner time where we all gathered for a Christmas buffet at the resort restaurant, Aqua.  The usual suspects were joined with Catherine and David on Solitaire 1, a Sabre 402 from Montreal and Brenda and Walter on Branderis  The dinner was very good–conch chowder, various salads, ham, turkey, pork and other fixings.  It was a good thing we hit the dessert table early because they disappeared fast!



After dinner, we made our way to the beach and sat by the bonfire drinking eggnog.  A local group performed a Junkanoo parade–fancy costumes, drums and dancing.


Friday was a big holiday in the Bahamas–Boxing Day.  Most of the employees had the day off.  After a group conference in the morning, we decided that Sunday looked like a good departure date.  I needed to know, mainly so I can plan to finish laundry!  Skip worked on backing up our laptop using our terabyte of external storage (thanks, Ed!)  We were inspired by Catherine who told us her hard drive crashed.  That would not be good. Skip also updated our chart plotter with waypoints for the Bahamas.  That way, we can put in routes to follow on the next phase of our journey.

When I got tired of loafing by the pool, I washed the boat.  We weren’t really planning to wash the boat but I did it on principle.  The marina is charging us the same fee for water as all of the big motor boats who wash their boats endlessly.  Since we were paying for it anyway, the boat got washed!

The manager’s cocktail party started at 4pm by the beach.  Again, we were lucky to get there early because the food went fast.  The house band  called Wilfred Solomon & The Magnetics played lively tunes while we drank our fill of Goombay smashes.  Afterwards, we joined Angie and Mike on their boat for dinner and a movie.  The baked seafood dish was delicious and everyone enjoyed the movie, Monsoon Wedding–I highly recommend it!!

So far today, I did 2 loads of laundry.  After lunch I’ll probably hit the pool.  I’m making Ginger Wine Chicken tonight for dinner.  I hope it’s as good as when Eva makes it!

Early tomorrow morning, we’re heading out through the Indian cut to Great Sale Cay.  We probably won’t have any service so the next update will be whenever!!!