walking-sHappy Holidays everybody!!  We’re still at the marina and it still looks like our departure date will be Monday.  The wind blew very strongly for the past 3 days and subsided a bit last night.  Monday was brisk and breezy.  Skip worked on boat projects; mainly cleaning out the heat exchanger on the engine.  We ran a little hotter than normal on the trip over so he wanted to make sure that there weren’t any clogs.  I cleaned up the boat and put the cold weather clothes away so I could get out all of the beach wear – yay!!

I tried out my Mojito recipe at happy hour on Monday night.  After a few tries, I think the drinks were acceptable (or the audience was loosened up??!!)  Tuesday was still very breezy.  Angie and I tried to ride bikes again but it was like we were riding into a brick wall!  We abandoned the main road and wandered around the point across the marina where a large development of homes will be built.  Skip helped Joe with his much anticipated project of mounting a pewter lighthouse above his nav station.  After that, he was happy lounging on the boat.  I sat by the pool for a while to get a change of scenery and work on crosswords.  Joe declared a ‘movie night’ and made a large salad and chicken stew.  Angie contributed a pasta salad, wine and appetizers.  I brought wine and popcorn.  We watched “De-Lovely”, a story about Cole Porter.  We enjoyed the movie; especially the music.

Yesterday, we ventured into Freeport and Lucaya using the public bus.  All of us except Mike boarded the bus (more like a small van) at the hotel.  The bus quickly filled up with local people heading into town.  Most of the trip to Freeport (around 30 miles) took us through sparsely populated towns, flat sandy areas and de-nuded trees.  Each town has many churches and bars.  The approach to Freeport is very industrial and we started seeing all of the usual signs of a city–McDonalds, KFC, etc.  I visited Freeport back in the early 80’s with my friend Beth.  We were right out of college and it was a great, cheap vacation.  I don’t remember too much–mainly the casino, marketplace, the drinks and a couple of cute English guys we met:-)

lunch-on-beach-sThe bus dropped us off in town next to a grocery store.  We hopped on another bus for a short ride to Lucaya.  Lucaya is right on the beach with a few large hotels, casino and market area.  We wandered around the market and had lunch on the beach.  There really wasn’t much to see there.  After heading back to Freeport, we popped into the grocery store which was mobbed with Christmas Eve shoppers.    It was fun to pick up a few items–cereal, milk and lettuce.  The bus took us back to the marina.  It was nice to get away for a while but I don’t think I would do it again…

golf-cart-s1Skip decided to top off our fuel tank using the 5-gallon jerry can we carry on the deck.  The dock master let him use his golf cart to truck the fuel can back and forth.  I took the opportunity to give Bailey a ride.  He’s terrified of golf carts so I thought that might de-sensitize him–NOT!!

nativity-sThe resort had several activities planned for Christmas.  At 4:30 we watched the local school children perform the nativity play.  It was adorable!  Afterwards, the bar had a ‘conch-tini’ happy hour–2 for 1 rum drinks and conch fritters.  We were joined by Brenda and Walter on Brandaris–a cruising couple from Canada with cat, Rudy, aboard.  (I included the kitty picture for Ken S!!)  Later in the evening, the staff built a bonfire on the beach and served egg nog and provided s’more fixings.  We weren’t too sure about roasting the marshmallows since the sticks were way too short!!








On Christmas morning, we awoke to find that we were Elfed (Phil and Leslie – I hope I’m using that term correctly!)  The dock master left loaves of banana bread on each boat–yummy!  As of the current weather reports, it still looks like we’ll stay here until Monday.  After that, clear, calm weather should bring us rapidly close to the Exumas!