I haven’t posted this week because we’re so busy!  On Sunday, Skip changed the impeller on the boat and cleaned out the strainer.  When he started up the boat again, no water came out of the exhaust.  To make a long story short, a mechanic worked on the boat Monday and Tuesday and he finally located the clog and fixed the problem.   It’s a good thing we were somewhere where we could get help, otherwise, it probably would have taken a long time to diagnose and fix the problem.  Not to mention, access to parts!

We picked up a rental car on Monday which meant freedom!!  I went out to do laundry and shop for food.  I haven’t driven a car for 2 months and enjoyed getting out to shop.  I really enjoyed shopping in Publix without having a time limit.  I’m starting to stock up on food for the Bahamas.  I bought mostly canned goods and pastas/rice.  One of my big projects is to reorganize the food storage.  Now that we’ve been on the boat for 2 months I’m getting used to digging for supplies.  I plan to have the items I use more often in the boxes that are easiest to  access.

club-medOn Monday night we went to Club Med in Port St. Lucie with 4 other couples from the CSC.  Most people probably don’t know that there is a Club Med in Florida.  It’s actually their original location.  For a fixed price, we enjoyed an open bar, appetizers and dinner followed by a show.  The theme was Italian and the spread of food was impressive.  The show was a Las Vegas review and was really cute.  We had a great time with the Smiths, Lucianos, Buckleys and MacDonalds.  Everyone has made us feel welcome here in Florida!

Tuesday night we were invited to stay with Jim and Sue.  We stopped along the way at West Marine to pick up a few items and we also bought a Garmin Nuvi.  They were selling them for a good price so, what the heck!  Ripping open the plastic casing was more difficult then figuring out how it works.  We just plugged it in, turned it on and put in the address and presto, it guided us to Jim and Sue’s house.  I love it because I don’t have to read maps in the car (not my favorite thing…)


jim-and-sueWe enjoyed visiting with Jim and Sue, had a delicious dinner and even tried out the hot tub–sweet!  Bailey was quite nervous and barky.  He’s not the best house guest, especially if you’re not used to dogs.  Jim made us waffles for breakfast on Wednesday morning before we headed out for the drive to Ft. Myers.

It was an easy drive to Mom’s house and warm and sunny when we arrived.  Mom is doing great and was very happy to have visitors.  We went out for dinner and I got my jigsaw puzzle ‘fix’ along with watching the latest reality shows (ugh!)  We awoke today to dark skies and driving rain.  I braved the nearby shopping mall, mainly to get something from my favorite store, Chicos.  Yes, I know I don’t need anything but the shopping pressure has been building for 2 months!!

We had dinner with Mom’s friends Gary and Linda at Sonny’s Barbeque – one of our favorite places to eat in Ft. Myers.  There’s nothing like a big plate of baby back ribs!  Tomorrow we head back for the East coast.  We have an appointment to get our customs documents checked in West Palm.  We decided to keep the car for a few more days since the earliest weather window for crossing to the Bahamas will be next Wednesday.  It’s getting closer and closer!