bird-islandWe left Daytona early for a long day traveling towards Cocoa.  The goal was to head faster to Vero Beach where we could relax for a while.  The trip to Cocoa went through a large marshland that was well-populated with birds and dolphins.  There were plenty of warning signs to slow down for manatees but I didn’t see any.  It was nice to be in more open waters instead of a ditch for a change.  We could see the Kennedy Space Center in the distance as we approached Titusville.   Bailey did a good job chasing away the seagulls that followed our boat wake looking for fish.


We arrived at the anchorage in Cocoa just before sunset and dropped the dinghy for a trip to shore.  Bailey refused to use the potty mat today, even with both of us encouraging him every half hour.  As we were preparing to launch the dinghy, he pooped in the cockpit.  I guess with all the excitement, he just couldn’t wait for shore!

dinghy-rescueJoe picked up Ed and Tina for the dinghy ride to shore.  His outboard cut out close to shore and Skip made a daring rescue to tow them to shore. 

I was elated to find a skating rink on shore in a park set up for holiday festivities.  Yes, a little outdoor skating rink in Florida–who would think??!!  I had to try it even thought they only had hockey skates with the dullest blades ever!!



Before skating, we walked around the funky little town of Cocoa and found an English pub called the Dog and Bone.  We walked in with Bailey and they didn’t care at all–now that’s civilized!  Joe bought the first round to show gratitude for the dinghy rescue.  Skip was prepared to milk it as long as he could!  I’m not sure that Bailey enjoyed his first time in a bar (although he liked Skip’s beer!)  They served munchies in a dog dish.

skating-in-flI left the bar to go skate for a little while.  The blades were incredibly dull so, without a good edge, I really couldn’t skate very well.  It did feel great to be back on the ice since I hadn’t skated since August!

We enjoyed a steak dinner on Merlin.  Tina is trying to use up food on their boat before heading home for the holidays.  I had baked some cookies while we were underway.  No, not from scratch…the kind you break apart and bake!

The men decided that we had to go ashore in the morning to visit the Travis hardware store..the largest old-time hardware store I’ve ever seen.  There were many rooms and 2 floors of dusty hardware–pretty much anything you could imagine.  I finally found a can-crusher, something I’ve been looking for since we started getting the boat ready.  Now, if only I could find a recycling drop off…

Before we launched the dinghy to go ashore, Bailey did all his business on the boat!! 

Right now, we’re heading for Vero Beach.  Stay tuned for the next report…