Yesterday we worked on boat projects and had some fun in St. Augustine.  After the storm passed, the morning was clear but chilly.  We took Bailey for a walk and stopped by the marina lounge for coffee.  We ended up talking for a long time with Ed and Tina and Wendy and John on Osprey.  Wendy is a writer for Cruising World and this is also their first trip down the ICW.  They are also traveling with 2 young children.  We haven’t met anyone else with children on this trip (several dogs, though!)  We exchanged ideas about crossing over to the Bahamas.  Hopefully, we’ll meet up again further south.

st-augustine-lightWe took advantage of the nice weather to replace our Dutchman lines, one of which broke on our offshore trip.  This involved taking Skip up the mast and hoping that he has the right tools and doesn’t drop anything–always a challenge when you’re hanging almost 50ft in the air!!  The job went without a hitch. 

After lunch, we borrowed the courtesy car and drove over to see the St. Augustine lighthouse.  Climbing the steps to the top was worth the view.  On the way back, we stopped at a liquor store and restocked the beer supply.  Most small stores don’t carry much of a selection in cans which we prefer to glass on the boat. 




We hosted happy hour on Moondance with guests, Ed & Tina from Merlin and Mike & Angie from Lady of Lorien.  A good time was had by all!

To make the early opening of the Bridge of Lions, our departure time from the marina was 6:45am.  That meant getting up before dawn–ugh.  We made the 7:30am opening with plenty of time to spare.  Following behind Merlin and Onward, we went through several bridges before arriving at the anchorage in Daytona.  The most annoying aspect of today was listening to the shrimpers talking constantly on channel 09 which we monitor because it’s used by the bridge tenders.  Half the time, I couldn’t tell what they were talking about but it was really getting on my nerves!

The bridge tender at the Main Street bridge in Daytona was by far the most friendly I’ve heard on the trip.  As we passed by the bridge, she commented on Bailey who was sitting on my lap,  It’s always nice when the bridge tenders are friendly instead of grouchy.

anchored-in-daytonaWe took Bailey ashore at a dock provided by the West Marine shop.  Of course, we had to go in and buy something too!  We had lost our stern light for the dinghy so we purchased a new one.  This one will be clamped onto the dinghy as opposed to a glue-on mount.  I hope this one stays connected!

Joe from Onward invited us to dinner so we supplied a side dish and Merlin made a salad.  Joe grilled a delicious turkey breast and we enjoyed the company until the long day caught up.  Tina declared that the start time will be 7:15am tomorrow–after day break!!