followingYes, we did it!  Yesterday, we decided to follow Merlin and Onward offshore for the short stretch between Jekyll Island and the St. Mary’s river.  Several people had reported thin water on this stretch of the ICW and the weather prediction was good.  Most sources predicted 10-15 knots from the NE and 2-3 ft waves.  It turned out to be more like 15-20 knots with some higher gusts.  It was a bit much–not awful, but a lot of work.  We reefed the jib and then rolled it in.  Next, we reefed the main using our new single-line reefing system.  It works pretty good but is difficult to set the sail correctly with all of the wind and waves.  The good news is that I don’t have to go forward to hook on the sail when reefing it.  We did break one of our dutchman lines and will need to figure out the best way to replace it.









I saw several dolphins out in the ocean and many shrimp boats.  When we headed towards shore into the inlet, the wind and waves were much calmer.  We made our way up the St. Mary’s river to anchor near the town of St. Mary’s.  Every year, the town hosts a Thanksgiving meal for cruisers.  They had around 100 boats attending last year!  It’s very well organized with sign-up sheets for bringing side dishes.  They also arrange for vans to take people to stores.  We attended the happy hour festivities last night at the local bar, Seagulls.  Everyone brought appetizers and purchased drinks from the bar (which had the scariest looking bartender I’ve ever seen!)

It was still chilly last night and this morning.  We’re hoping for a warming trend!  Right across the river is Florida–it has to be warm once we reach Florida…everyone promised!!!

Bailey turned 4 years old today!!  Isn’t that a great present, getting to travel on a bouncing boat offshore??!!  It’s a good thing he hasn’t learned how to blog!!