frederica-riverWe left the Frederica River early on Sunday morning to make it through the Little Mud River at mid-tide.  It was a relatively short trip.  Still cold, though.  I kept trying to get Bailey to use the potty mat.  At some point around mid-afternoon, he finally did his business.  I was so excited that I called our friends on Merlin to report our success.  I promise I will stop reporting on Bailey going potty on the boat (at least for a while;-)

Arriving at Jekyll Harbor marina was very easy as we were told to tie up on their long face pier.  Tying up to floating docks is getting to be pretty routine.  As it had warmed up, Skip decided to wash the boat and I went for a bike ride with Ed and Tina.  Jekyll Island is not very big and they have nice bike trails.  We rode around the Jekyll Club where I attended a conference last year.  I remember Skip and I talking about making our next visit to Jekyll on our own boat and here we are!


We biked over the the ocean side of the island and stopped for lunch at a beach side restaurant.  Afterwards, we took a short ride on the beach.  It was very windy and the waves were coming in all directions.








We gathered on Merlin for happy hour and ended up putting together some odds and ends for dinner.

clean-baileyToday (Monday) was even warmer.  We decided to have breakfast at the Jekyll Club where Skip remembered that they had a wonderful buffet.  We walked there and enjoyed a mid-morning feast.  Later in the afternoon, I decided to give Bailey his first bath on board.  I used the cockpit shower which has hot water and soon he was all fresh and clean.  It was actually much easier than our usual routine using the washtub at home.






We saw a spectacular sunset before heading for dinner at the restaurant near the marina.  The food was just okay but the desserts were home-made and really good.

I wanted to mention how much I enjoy getting comments and emails from everyone reading my blog.  It’s so great to hear from people back home and know that you are still thinking of us.  We’re having fun but we still miss all our friends and family!!