Wednesday was very leisurely.  We visited Walmart yesterday and stocked up on groceries.  We also stopped by West Marine but they didn’t have the charts for Florida that we needed.  Our friends Ed and Tina on Merlin finally caught up with us so we decided to stay here an extra day and travel with them for the next few weeks.  We enjoyed happy hour on their boat last night. 

wormsloe-historic-siteMy cold really kicked in on Thursday (thanks, Skip!) so we borrowed the car again to get more cold medicine at the drug store.  Since we had the car for 2 hours, we decided to visit a nearby 18th century historical site called Wormsloe.  Wormsloe was a plantation built by Noble Jones back in the 1700’s.  The beautiful entry drive is covered with live oak trees.  The walls remaining on the site were made from tabby – a local building material consisting of oyster shells and lime. 




The rest of the day was spent relaxing.  I also made some chicken soup (thanks to Cindy for suggesting the ultimate cold cure!)



We left Isle of Hope on Friday, travelling with 2 other boats — Merlin and Onward.  We were nervous about getting away from the dock because they had us halfway up a narrow fairway and we had to back out.  We asked the dock hands for help and our friends Ed, Tina and Joe all jumped aboard to fend off in case we were about to hit another boat.  Well, the master Skipper backed the boat out without touching a thing!!  Nevertheless, we were very glad to have the help both on board and on the docks.  You never know when wind or current will play a dirty trick.

We timed our trip to take advantage of the rising tide to transit a very short stretch called ‘Hell Gate’ that is noted for being shallow.  Just the name makes you respect it!  We passed through without any problems.  Since we were following the 2 other boats with deeper drafts, we didn’t have to worry;-)

We anchored in Cattlepen Creek below St. Catherine’s Sound.  It was another marshy area with no dog landing spots so it was another test for Bailey to use the potty mat.  Ed and Tina came over to pick us up for happy hour on Onward, a Catalina 47 single-handed by their friend, Joe.  Talk about some great living space–he even has a washer/dryer! 

It was the coldest, most miserable night so far on our trip.  The wind was howling.  After we returned to our boat, we fired up the oven and baked cookies.  Not only are they delicious but it warms up the boat for a while!  We weren’t worried about our anchor holding but I woke up in the middle of the night and peeked outside to see a boat close to us that wasn’t there before.  Their anchor had dragged bringing them a little too close for comfort.  I woke Skip and we both dressed and went out for a look.  There really wasn’t much we could do.  I tried shining a light on the boat but no one woke up.  We weren’t about to re-anchor since it was very dark and cold.  As long as the wind was blowing, we would probably swing at the same time.  We went back to bed (with clothes on in case of an immediate need to go outside!)  I had bad dreams all night about anchors dragging.  I woke up again because the wave motion changed and looked outside to see our boats shift with the current.  The other boat passed behind us within a boat-length!  The next morning, I saw the other boat leave.  He just gave me a friendly wave.  Probably had a good night’s sleep…Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

We weren’t planning to leave until 9:30am to make the rising tide on another stretch of thin water called the Little Mud River.  We turned the oven on again to make muffins for breakfast (and heat the boat!)

It was anther windy, cold but sunny day.    I was worried about Bailey because he wouldn’t go potty in the morning.  By mid afternoon, I took him up on the bow again and encouraged him to use the mat.  He finally went—Yay!  We made it to the Frederica River without any problems and anchored near Fort Frederica, a historic spot where the British fought off the Spanish in the 1700’s.  We had hoped to go ashore but found out that they had just torn down their dock last week for repairs.  Looks like Bailey will have to use the mat again…

We enjoyed happy hour with Ed and Tina and turned in early. It’s still cold but at least it’s calm.  Hopefully, all of the boats will stay where they’re anchored tonight!!