We finally left Beaufort on Sunday after waiting for the tide to slack off a bit.  I was mostly nervous about getting off the dock but the dock hands really knew what they were doing and were a big help.  It turned cold again…drat…but at least it was sunny and not stormy.  Only one bridge opening on this trip and we turned into Harbour Town marina on Hilton Head island.  Coming into the marina, I had the radio on channel 16 and tried to call to announce our arrival.  When they didn’t answer, I switched to 68 where I had previously talked to them and the woman was hollering at us to move to the left before we could run aground outside the channel.  We quickly obliged.  Skip didn’t realize that when he turned to enter the channel the current pushed us sideways!!

moondance-at-hilton-headWe made it safely into the slip–no strong current or breeze to hamper us!  The harbor has a nice little section with shops and restaurants.  We chose the Crazy Crab restaurant which was okay–best part were the hush puppies!  It was a nice, quiet night for a change and I slept really well.

The morning was very cold.  We left the marina around mid-morning and headed into Georgia.  Yay–another State!  We crossed the Savannah river without any problem and wound our way to the Isle of Hope marina.  We had considered going up the river to stay in Savannah but the consensus from other sailors was that staying in the marina and taking the bus or taxi was a better option.  The Savannah river has a lot of commercial traffic and the marina is not very protected from wakes.

We fueled up at the marina and tied up to a dock to spend 3 nights exploring the area.  I have been putting Bailey down below and tethering him to the mast since he’s such a barking nuisance while we’re docking.  Sometime in the middle of things, he showed up in the cockpit barking like crazy.  I don’t know how he got free.  Is it possible that he figured out how to open the latch on the tether???

We took care of some boat chores.  I washed the salt off the boat and Skip changed the oil for the first time since leaving Annapolis.  Normally, he changes the oil once a season but we’ve been motoring almost every day for the past month, practically a whole sailing season’s worth!

golf-cart-boatYou see a little bit of everything on the waterway.  This boat carries its own golf cart.  Surely you wouldn’t expect them to use a rental???!!!