We didn’t leave Beaufort yesterday because Skip was still feeling low due to a cold and the weather prediction was not good.  I took Bailey on a long walk to look at the homes near the town.  We walked on quiet streets shaded by huge live oak trees draped with Spanish moss.  Later, I decided to try and use the marina’s courtesy car to go to the grocery store.  It was a confusing process to borrow the car.  Apparently, you had to wait around and be there when the car was returned.  Although the woman said that the car was already booked for the next 2 hours, she wouldn’t let me be the next person to use it after them.  Nancy and I managed to hook up with a couple that had been waiting for 2 hours to use the car.  They had to return the car within 1 hour so I ‘speed-shopped’ and picked up some basic groceries. 

Skip was feeling better today but the bad weather predicted for yesterday came in over night.  At one point last night it felt like I was sleeping in a washing machine!  The talk on the docks this morning was whether to stay or leave.  The marina was totally booked so we got on the waiting list to stay another night.  True Loev left because they were 5th on the waiting list.  At one point, we were getting ready to leave too but the dock master said that we were next on the list and he was pretty sure we could stay.  Since the wind was pushing us up against the dock and it would be difficult to get out, we decided to take our chances and stay. 

It turned out to be a good idea.  After lunch, we took a walk to see the beautiful old houses.  The sky turned very stormy and soon afterwards, the wind and rain started.  It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow but cold again.  I guess I’d rather have sunny and cold than stormy and windy!!

twig-jamThe currents here are pretty fierce.  With a higher than normal tide yesterday, our boat created a ‘log jam’ of twigs and debris.  Once the tide turned, all of the junk floated the other way.