beaufort-homesWe’re staying in Beaufort for a few days and have learned that you better pronounce it right–it’s Bew-fort, not Bo-fort!!  Friends Norm & Nancy on True Loev are also here and we had another delicious dinner with them last night at Emily’s (Tappas!)   

The BIG news is that the great Bailey experiment was a success!!!  He held off overnight but yesterday morning, he did all of his business more or less on the potty mat.  Yay!!  This means that we don’t have to worry so much about staying places where we can take him ashore.  Skip gets mad when I say that Bailey isn’t as smart as Honey (our female sheltie.)  Well, I vowed to never say that again since he was smart enough to know that there weren’t any other options so he did what he had to do.  We could never get Honey to go potty on the boat.  Now, if only we could get him to bark less…

Ever since we arrived at Isle of Palms we’ve heard a crackling sound on the boat when docked.  It’s the sound of shrimp near the hull.  Not sure what they’re doing but it sounds like we’re surrounded by static electricity!

On our trip to Beaufort yesterday we actually put out the head sail for the first time since the Pamlico sound.  As we turned down the Coosaw river we had the wind behind us and the current against us.  Using the head sail helped gain about a knot in speed.  Plus, it made us feel more like sailors!

The large color screen Garmin chart plotter has proven to be invaluable on this trip.  It helps us figure out where we are, shows where the deep water is, has pictures of marinas and allows us to plot courses and estimate timing of arrival.  We did learn yesterday that the chart plotter is not always accurate as far as location.  At one point yesterday, the chart plotter showed our current position as being on land!  In daylight, it’s easy to see that the electronic chart is not accurate.  In darkness, it’s a totally different story–just ask Norman!  He found himself in the grass yesterday when they left Charleston very early in the morning to make the bridge opening.

spanish-mossI spent the day walking around the town.  There are many stately old homes near the water.  Sadly, many have ‘for sale’ signs.  Massive trees covered with Spanish moss shade the streets and homes.  Skip was fighting off a cold today so he stayed on the boat all morning.  I eventually dragged him out with the promise of several book stores to visit.    We went to a nearby pizza place for dinner.  Thunderstorms were predicted and I could see some on radar but we didn’t get any–just rain.  Tomorrow, we’ll head for the Savannah area.  If there is heavy fog like we had this morning, we’ll wait until it lifts before leaving.