low-countryWe left Georgetown this morning and motored through several canals before coming into the more coastal areas of South Carolina.  This is definitely ‘low country’ with marshy flatlands and very few trees.  At one point, we saw a huge bald eagle sitting on a dead tree.  We did see some dolphins today – always exciting!





Before taking a slip at the Isle of Palms marina, we fueled up with diesel.  We took on 20 gallons (half of our tank).  Since we filled up in Southport, we had gone 110 miles.  That’s not ta bad fuel consumption rate!

The Isle of Palms is very close to Charleston and we will head there tomorrow.  Skip’s nephew, Justin,and his wife Cat, live in Charleston and their baby will be baptized on Sunday.  Cat asked that we keep our arrival a secret so we can surprise Skip’s mother and sister.  So, I won’t post this update until Saturday;-)  Skip’s sister called tonight and I had to be very vague about where we are.  I’m not a very good liar…

back-scratchBailey has a new trick!  As some people know, he doesn’t like sneezing.  We noticed that when we sneeze on the boat, Bailey barks and jumps up and scratches his paws on your back.  It feels pretty good.  He’ll keep going as long as you keep sneezing–what a strange dog!

After getting settled into the marina (which means having a beer!), we took Bailey for a walk to the beach.  The beach is about a 15 minute walk from the marina.  Bailey loves fetching his tennis ball.  He also tasted the ocean…not too sure what he thought of that!