After leaving Yorktown, we motored most of the way to Hampton.   It was warm but winds were light.  The heavy radio activity as we approached Norfolk was a little intimidating.  We are used to sailing into heavy shipping areas like Baltimore but the added Coast Guard activity–lots of yelling at people to stay out of certain areas–and the naval ships, barges and large container ships sounded pretty crazy. 

We rounded the point, entering the James River and leaving the Chesapeake Bay.  All fears were for naught–the Coast Guard didn’t yell at us and there weren’t any big ships around!  We followed the channel into Hampton, stopped for fuel and tied up to the dock at the Hampton Public Pier.  Yes, it’s under another bridge (sigh) but not quite as noisey as Yorktown.  A large trawler came in after us and, for some unknown reason, dumped a lot of diesel fuel into the water.  The smell is not pleasant!  The marina called the fire dept because they didn’t see where the fuel came from.  The people on the trawler made themselves scarce as the firemen looked around.

The best part about visiting Hampton was the chance to see our friend Marty, who we’ve known since we met her on our honeymoon cruise 25 years ago.  Marty, her husband Rocky and daughter Emily met us for dinner.  We had such a good time catching up since we hadn’t seen Marty in about 15 years and never met Emily but had seen her pictures since she was an infant!  Skip and Rocky had a fascinating conversation about tractors (a common interest!) and other guy stuff.  Marty invited us over on Saturday to see their house and do our laundry–you gotta love friends who let you use their washer/dryer!!  Also, Skip wants to see the tractors!

The chilly, damp weather finally arrived on Friday morning.  We toured the Virginia Air and Space Museum and saw a wonderful IMAX film on fighter pilots.  We’re hanging out on the boat this afternoon and enjoying our vinyl window enclosure which keep the chill off!