We left Solomon’s this morning and sailed into Virginia, anchoring in the Great Wicomico river.  We sailed on a beam reach until the Potomac river until the wind became too light.  I’ve always heard that crossing the Potomac River can be dicey.  It’s very wide with strong currents.  We lucked out today with beautiful, mild conditions.

Today was much more relaxing–now that we’re finally underway on our big adventure.  I was a little groggy this morning as Bailey woke me in the middle of the night because he wanted to ‘go out’.  Well, that wasn’t happening!  I took him on deck and showed him the mat we bought for his potty but he was not interested.  Luckily, he did go back to bed and waited patiently until morning.

While entering the Great Wicomico, we passed a boat called Freyja.  As we anchored off Sandy Point,  they called us on the radio and invited us over for a drink.  Turns out that they sailed from Minnesota starting at the end of July and are also heading South but not sure exactly where.  Maybe the Carribean, maybe Panama canal, maybe Australia.  They are much more adventerous than us!! It’s nice to meet new people and hear about their adventures.

This is my new ‘cruiser’ haircut.  It’s very liberating to have short hair–I don’t even have to look at it in the morning!








We bought Tilley hats at the boat show – very good for sun protection and lightweight!

The moon is almost full tonight!