Today was momentous for 2 reasons:(1) we sailed further south on our boat than we have in the past and (2) Skip finally admitted that he was cold and put on long pants!

We had a shorter trip today and spent some time eating breakfast before pulling up the anchor.  We sailed down to the Piankatank river and anchored in Jackson creek near Deltaville, VA.  Although it was sunny, it did get rather chilly out on the water.  When we arrived and anchored, we took the dinghy over to a public dock to walk Bailey.  It was challenging because there wasn’t a ladder and the dock was very high.  I managed to hoist myself up there and Skip stayed in the dinghy while Bailey took care of business.

We checked out the Fishing Bay Yacht club across the creek and found it to have easier access by dinghy.  We aren’t members of a yacht club but we know people who are so that should count;-)

Friends from the CSC, Bob and Gale, came by and picked us up for lunch.  They live in Deltaville and were cruisers.  They offered some good advice on where to go and what to avoid.  We enjoyed spending time with them and got the grand tour of Deltaville (blink and you’ll miss the town center!)  We visited a lovely park called Holly Point where volunteers restore old boats.



Another beautiful moonrise tonight!