We are getting very close to leaving. Our current departure date is October 11th. We’ll probably go to the boat show on Friday and leave the next day. (Not that we need anything else but it is a tradition to attend the boat show.)

Let’s see…

  • Major boat upgrades are completed (except for installation of the repaired autopilot and getting the rig tuned.)
  • Sewing projects are completed–yea! BTW, the Bernina redeemed itself and performed beautifully. Now that I’m ‘one’ with my machine, I realize that the major problem was that I was threading it incorrectly. My bad.
  • Provisioning is underway. We brought down storage boxes to be filled with food, drug items and other necessities. Where am I going to put all this stuff!
  • We have plenty of wine and liquor! We hit the big sale at Bay Ridge and really stocked up–mostly wine boxes which store easier than bottles. We not picky wine drinkers!
  • Varnishing projects are almost complete. Skip made wood screens for the hatches that look and work much better than the screens that stick on with velcro.
  • Shelves are completed. Skip made shelves for the cabinets on the boat which make it much easier to store items since the cabinets are tall and everything always ended up piled together. I made some shelves out of webbing to use in the hanging locker for clothes and linens.
  • Wiring is completed for TV which Skip will install this week. He also installed XM radio.
  • Lighting is finally fixed. We had a few tempermental light fixtures so Skip took a little from here and there to make the lights work. We also bought some of the new LED lights which use much less energy. We put an LED in the anchor light and now it’s energy use is negligible.
  • Solar panel is installed and working! We spent 2 days at anchor and didn’t have to run the engine to charge the batteries–Sweet!

Oy, I’m tired! Coming attractions – pictures of our completed projects.