We spent the past week working on the boat list (‘to do’ items.)   It’s endless!  We were planning to leave on October 4th but our auto-pilot is not working and was sent off for analysis.  We’re not leaving without it (it steers to a set course so we don’t have to ‘hand steer’ the boat.)

I have a lot of sewing projects to do and brought my sewing machine to the boat.  I’m making shade screens for the cockpit and also some plastic screens that will help in chilly or rainy weather.  My sewing machine would not cooperate ( Bernina has never let me down before.) I borrowed an old machine from a friend but that one also wouldn’t work.  It’s getting very frustrating!  I should have my machine back on Sunday and hopefully it will work.  Otherwise, it might make a good spare anchor!

It’s Friday night and we’re anchored in the Rhode River.  We’re attending the Seven Seas Cruising Association ‘gam’ which is a meeting of cruisers.  There was a cocktail party tonight and tomorrow, there are seminars, lunch and dinner.  We met up with friends Ed and Tina on Merlin who just returned from spending the summer in New England.   BTW, it’s pretty chilly tonight!